Today, companies have at their fingertips countless opportunities that allow them to be completely flexible, open their borders and use high-quality professional tools. Most companies already know that it is crucial to have an IP PBX, but some do not yet know how to take full advantage of it.The goal of introducing a 900 number in your company is to facilitate the communication to the customer. It is one of the aspects where the company’s desire to satisfy the customer is embodied. The idea of establishing this number is to make the cost of calls be paid by the recipient and not by the caller.

In this way, your customers will always be able to call you to the IP PBX free of charge, with complete freedom and without worrying about being billed after the operation has been carried out.

This is part of the company’s policy which is prepared to do its utmost to listen to its customers. In this way, it takes every opportunity presented to it to live up to the expectations of its customers.

This is how the cost of communication is charged entirely to the recipient of the call, which allows the company to increase the flow of calls received, and convince anyone who wants to learn about the various products and promotions offered, and therefore improve their image.

IP PBX and 900 Numbers

By implementing this free 900 number, you will be giving priority to your customers. In this way, the company encourages them and invites them to contact it. This is also a means for the company to improve its services and therefore its productivity.

It is very interesting to be able to contact a IP PBX service without being forced to pay the communication fees, especially because, very often, the waiting time is quite long.

This strengthens the trust between both sides, and it is always more reassuring to be able to buy an item and know that you can get in touch with their customer service without being forced to pay a lot.

As communication does not generate any expense for its interlocutors, it can generate numerous calls and is a way of communicating without intermediary in order to bring more direct and precise answers to those who want to contact us. In this way, customers are valued and considered as a priority.




Fonvirtual, as a company dedicated to advising and value-added services in telecommunications for companies, to solve all possible aspects that may worry you, we offer the 900 number along with a wide range of features that make the 900 free number service is unique in its field.

So how can I get a 900 number?

If you already have a 900 Number, we carry it for free, but if you still don’t have it, we will give you a 900 Number so that your customers can contact you very easily. All the calls you will receive on your 900 Number can be forwarded for free to the fixed and mobile numbers you want. 

The cost of calls on a 900 number will always be paid by its owner, but Fonvirtual offers it at the best price. Pay only 5 cts / min, whether you are called from a fixed number or from a mobile.

Manage your calls with the features of the IP PBX you choose: messages, schedules, queues with music, call transfers, call identification, call logging, statistics, voice menu, voice mailboxes and many other features you will discover by contacting us.

The 900 Number is a good choice, as it is a service that offers many advantages. This service is made for you if you would like to have a national presence or facilitate contact to your current and potential customers.

Do you want to introduce a 900 number for the permanence of your company? It will be a pleasure to help you with all the details you need to uso it with the IP PBX.

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