The online calls are a key factor to achieve success in international business.


Nowadays the way of doing business has drastically changed. The environment has become dynamic and global, the competence is fierce and it is necessary to be flexible to adjust to the possible changes that might happen in the environment. Furthermore, the information and the communication technology is fundamental for companies to survive. Therefore the online calls can be the best investment to do so.


Online calls are calls made through IP telephony. In fonvirtual we provide new IP telephony, known as webRTC. The WebRTC is a technology developed by Google, that has completely changed the concept of IP telephony.


With this technology is possible to make and receive calls with any device that has a connection to the internet. Besides, thanks to this technology, called webRTC, the online calls will be made or received through the browser. Therefore you don’t need any program or software to be installed in the device.


The fact that is not necessary to download any program for online calls, entails a main advantage. The main advantage is the possibility of using the ip telephony although it might be the first time it is being used in that device. It is particularly useful for those situations in which the main device is run out of battery or lost, or stolen.


Why online calls are great for international business?


Online calls are the best phone solution for international business since they avoid roaming. Since they work through the internet instead of using the traditional phone network, the entrepreneurs will be able to avoid the expenses of making international calls.


The Fonvirtual’s offer counts with a serie of minutes packages, depending on the company’s needs. Companies and entrepreneurs will be able to use their package’s correspondent minutes as they wish. They can call to whatever country they prefer and having an amount of minutes to do so. The online calls overpass borders.


In addition, Fonvirtual provides a landline virtual phone number. This virtual phone number is hosted in the cloud and it routes calls to other IP phone lines.

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Since it is a landline phone number, the professionality, credibility and the formality of the company’s image are guaranteed. Despite it is an innovation, the online calls preserve the traditional aspects.


Entrepreneurs won’t have to use cell phone numbers with a roaming plan anymore in order to do business when they are abroad. Now, they can do their business as the usual, no matter if they are travelling, they won’t lose control of their business. The online calls allow them to be involved with the business, independently of their geographic location.

Find more about the package of minutes for online calls in Fonvirtual’s website.