The telecom world moves forward at an incredible speed. Few years ago it was really unbelievable to think about the possibility of making calls online through a computer or a tablet for example. At the present this is a reality, and both, companies and people have the option of calling to other national or international lines without the need of having an analog line, but taking the advantage of using data network or WIFI to make the call. This is thanks to WebRTC lines.

What it is an online call to WebRTC lines?

webrtc lines

An online call is the one which uses a data network or a WIFI network to transport the voice instead of using the analog network. Until very recently, online calls were known as IP calls, since it was the only technology that used these networks protocols to make calls. Besides this, at the moment new technologies that allow making online calls more efficiently have emerged. IP calls, although they represented a great telecom development, they needed IP terminals’ service for functioning and this could carry out a great investment for those who used it, specially for companies since they were the only ones who could afford the use of this tech. Nowadays, thanks to the appearance of new ways of making online calls. Everything is way easier, efficient and economical. One of this ways came up thanks to the WebRTC technology.

WebRTC technology is an open source software that allows making voice calls directly from the navigator, this means it is completely online, with no need of periferics, programs or other apps. This has meant a huge development in the telecommunications field, not only in an entrepreneurial environment but also for people, since phone companies would be slowly forced to reduce little by little their fees or to implement this type of technology into their offer, if they don’t want to lose a significant amount of customers.


What are the benefits I get when using online calls instead of the ordinary ones?


Although almost everyone keeps using the traditional phone network for making their calls, we are convinced that online calls through WebRTC lines would take over a great part of the telecom market on a future proof and it would be thanks to the advantages they offer.

  • Flexibility: The great flexibility you’ll have with the WebRTC tech is one of the great advantages why companies are starting to implement this technology into their processes. The possibility of making or receiving calls from any device with connection to internet would make you or your employees gain a great flexibility when answering clients’ calls.
  • Fast: Making online calls is very simple and fast, you would only have to enter and log in with your user and password. Once you are in, you would have a keyboard where to enter the number you want to call, furthermore you would have your agenda and a notes panel in which you would be able to note any important detail for each number.
  • Economical : WebRTC lines are quite economical compared to traditional ones. Also,they would allow you to call at a very reduced price to national and international destinations. If the call’s quality is what worries you, forget about it. Online calls’ quality is very good especially taking into consideration that nowadays almost everyone have excellent data plans for their phone.

As you can see, the telecom world is continuously developing and experiencing continuous changes. It is necessary to know how adjusting to them, in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our actions and to lower the cost, what would allow us to keep growing. Online calls could be a good way of having a better customer service and  reduce the bills of our company. For more information about this service, enter in our web and find out everything about WebRTC lines.


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