Ordering food on saturday nights while watching a serie or a soccer match has became a ritual. Many leave the kitchen during the weekends and they go out for dinner or they simply stay at home watching the last episode of their favourite serie that they have been waiting all week to watch, trapped on their sofas. With an online click to call you no longer have to make big efforts.



click to call delivery


Phone lines of food delivery restaurants gets collapsed during the key hours, dinner and lunch time because this weekend routine has became a habit for many people. Usually this saturday night routine entails long waitings on the restaurant’s phone call queuing. It is exasperating for many and others just stay indifferent to it. How impatient you are when waiting the restaurant to handle your call is directly proportional to how starving you are or how much you want to start watching the film or the episode.

Waiting long calls queuing while listening to the same melody once and again might cause anxiety and increase your phone bill as well. While you are wondering if your call is ever going to be answered, you are incurring extra delivery costs because of the phone call cost especially if the call is being made through a cell phone. Among this period many people even forget or reconsider what’s going to be their order and they have to face the decision of what’s going to take less time and what they actually want.  Thanks to an online click to call, ordering food wouldn’t have any over costs in phone calls.

The online click to call would avoid most impatient people from calling to another restaurant, hanging off or even starting to cook.

Food delivery has the chance of increasing its efficiency and sales by establishing a phone shaped button on their website which is called click to call.


What’s an online click to call?


An online click to call is a service which allows both parts to make free calls via your business website. Clients click on the website’s phone icon, and automatically will be in contact with the company in question.

There are different functionalities that can be incorporated into this service, such as recorded messages, voice mails, holidays schedule…etc.

Calls made with online click to call would be free for both, the user and the business. 


The click to call adds value because it is user-friendly what usually increase sales in 35% approximately. It is a perfect service for food delivery business, in which being able to differentiate your offer has became necessary in order to survive.

One of the advantages it offers is that it doesn’t need great investments, buying software neither downloading programs. The only thing is necessary in order to properly install it, is to copy and paste a code on the website. With this simple step your business website would have the online click to call service. If you think this is just what your business needs, check Fonvirtual.com in order to get more info.

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