It is a fact that the way people travels have drastically changed in the past few years. First,it was the switch to price over quality when buying  plane tickets and how travel agencies became less important. Now it is the way people look for hospitality the one that is evolving and Online fax is related to that.

Nowadays with new ways of hospitality emerging, such as Airbnb or Couchsurfing, it is fundamental that hotels and hostels are present and are able to offer good deals to compete against these innovative forms of hosting in the internet. Online fax is required to gain and maintain lasting relationships with booking sites.

What’s the role of online fax on this?

Well, as the way we book flights and hospitality has changed so did the way we communicate. The fax  has experienced a decadence in the past decades. The main causer was the email. Emails could seem as the perfect substitutes of faxes since this way people could get rid of their huge faxes machines, forget about buying paper and ink etc.

What apparently seemed the end of the use of faxes, turned into being just a partial take over of some of the fax functions but not all of them. Online fax can be a fair player in the communication game.

Online fax is emerging again as a fenix since it still offers some advantages which emails can not compete against. Its main advantage is reliability. It is considered the safest medium of communication. Right in the era of internet, many think that internet has become an unsafe environment, and specially emails are considered easy to hack. Therefore the use of faxes is becoming popular again.

Since faxes represent the most reliable option to communicate, it seems normal that in an industry like hospitality in which communicating with intermediaries has become crucial to survive, the service of online fax has become necessary.

It is usual for hotels and hostels to receive faxes from online platforms such as, or any book site on the internet. It is the most reliable way to confirm books and in many cases, payments of them as well. This is why it is fundamental for hotels to be able to receive those faxes, since they  depend now more than ever of intermediaries which are accesibles and consolidated on the internet. The online fax service is decisive to maintain strong relationships with the intermediaries and providers.


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why online fax instead of traditional fax?

For the simple reason that  Online fax is more user-friendly. We live in a world where houses are smaller than they used to be, we are more aware of environmental issues and we have many digital devices hence it is useful to be able of multitasking with them.

It is more user-friendly since everyone is now more familiar with the use of emails and other devices than with the traditional fax. Space is an important factor as well, fax devices are quite big compared to current devices. Furthermore it seems logical that if we already use computers and other internet connected devices we take advantage of that in order to be more efficient. It is also a more sustainable option, because of the saving of paper,ink, and the materials of fabricating new fax machines. These factors support the idea that Online fax is  completely taking over traditional fax in the short term.

Online fax represent the development and improvement of an almost obsolete medium of communication, transforming it into the latest trend.

It is already changing the hospitality industry but it seems Online fax is going to be relevant in the evolution of many others. Check for more info.