Online phone calls have become a complete revolution in news and press agencies. Nowadays, information is everything and we are exposed to a bunch of data that can get difficult to handle. Therefore people are getting more and more selective about the information they check.

Furthermore, we live in a global environment so local and national information is not enough anymore. There is a general interest in what is going on in the rest of the world and people want details about it, not just headlines. Due to this matter, press correspondents and news agencies need to be present internationally in order to get every new from every country and show other countries realities and situations.

News agencies are not only formed by international correspondents who are searching news but, it is formed by many other employees such as writers and facts-checkers, who are sticked to the phone 24/7 contrasting information and selling that information to the media.

The stereotype of a newsroom is the one formed by the idea of a bunch of people in their job who stand in front of the computer answering and making calls. This is actually true and because of this, online phone calls can be a great advantage for this type of agencies.

online phone calls optimize the tasks employees are in charge of. They can optimize them because they allow employees, who are at the newsroom, to answer and to make calls with their computers.

Answering and making calls with computers is possible thanks to IP calls, which use internet instead of the traditional phone network. IP or VoIP technology has an upgraded version named WebRTC, which is the most innovative technology for telecom services. In this case, online phone calls are made through the browser and it is also possible to share files and make video calls through it.

Because it enables transforming a computer into a phone, writers and journalists can multitask, being more efficient and optimizing their devices. Holding the telephone in one hand while taking notes with the other is over, now you will only need a mic and a set of headphones for making and answering calls online.

This new WebRTC tech not only enables answering the phone while taking notes, but it also makes possible to adjust telephony to the rush in which employees usually work at a news agency. It enables it, by offering flexibility when writers and journalists have to go outside the office to wherever the new has taken place. Before this new tech, they would usually miss many calls or using their personal cell phones, even though they are using them for their jobs.

Online phone calls enable receiving calls that have been made to a landline phone number in a smartphone, as well as making calls from it while showing a landline phone number. At the moment, it is quite important to be connected most of the time, but in the media industry it is a basic requirement.

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