A call center is a means and a communication tool created to maintain continuous and permanent contact between the clients and the organization involved. That is to say, a platform where a set of resources are grouped to receive the incoming and outgoing telephone calls of a company. A call center in Spain can help your company improve customer service.

The activity of a call center can be carried out both inside the company and hire external companies to carry out this activity.

The irruption of the technologies has originated the increase of the necessities of purchase on the part of the clients. This makes that the companies find themselves with the necessity to respond to these growing needs. Companies are increasingly equipped with platforms that emphasize the relational aspect of the organization. Although at first only large companies could afford this service, currently, the low costs of this service have caused all types of companies, whatever their size, to introduce call management systems in order to manage incoming calls.


Call center in Spain for companies:


A company’s success is measured, among other things, by the number of customers it has. These are the source and basis for the growth of any organization. A company that receives an important flow of calls distributed among all the personnel, creating collapsed lines, waiting calls and, in short, unsatisfied customers, forces businessmen and those responsible for telecommunications to look for solutions by going to a Spanish call center. This way, a good management of communications is achieved with a view to optimizing and preserving the relationship that customers have with the company.

The external call center system is the ideal solution for companies. The agents will be specialized in answering calls, will know your company well and will have control over the market.

It is also a geographical advantage. A call center software close to your company and easily accessible will allow you to have better control over the service.


A call center in Spain to improve communications


In a traditional helpdesk, agencies do not have the capacity to answer, track and handle a large volume of calls, which can cause potential customers to turn to competition for their services. The call centers are at your disposal so that you can carry out the communication strategies of your company, and thus increase the turnover.

In addition to the reception and supervision of calls, a call center is also responsible for managing the emails that are received. It is a matter of managing the messages either via fax, through the Internet, instant messaging or incoming e-mails.



A man is writing an e-mail


Advantages of the Fonvirtual call center


A company that offers quality services in telephony and a call center service with many advantages:

  • A service without investment, as no new equipment needs to be installed or purchased.
  • The simplicity and efficiency of the service thanks to our ACD cloud system, will make calls are managed efficiently and intelligently.
  • The quality of working with a company that has years of experience working in the field of telecommunications and that offers quality services well valued by its customers.
  • The strength of our service is also a key element. We offer a technology hosted in the cloud that allows the call center to operate from anywhere and any device connected to the Internet.


No company can grow without its customers. They will always be oriented and will opt for the companies that offer the most effective services. Whatever the size of your company, the call center in Spain is an option that must be taken into account, as it manages quickly the calls of users without having to wait to be attended. Contact our experts for advice and guidance on the choice of your contact center software.

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