A large number of people think that the telephone is an evil device that has the characteristic of ringing at the most inopportune moment, and especially when it cannot be controlled. However, society knows that telephony is nowadays a central communication tool in companies. For both fixed and mobile telephony, the extensions are numerous. For a company that receives many calls, a PBX server is an indispensable element for the control and good management of it. From a single line to voicemail, passing through the automatic waiting queue of the caller, the functionalities of PBX are very varied.

Each company has a PBX server to ensure the communication service. A PBX is a terminal that you buy and install inside your company.

Fonvirtual, an expert company in telecommunication services for companies, offers a range of virtual PBXs adapted to all sectors and types of activities, and for all types of organisation or company, whether it is a small, medium or large company. Fonvirtual’s virtual PBX will allow you to manage incoming and outgoing calls optimally and efficiently through numerous integrated functionalities. Fonvirtual’s experts will accompany you in the choice and throughout all the stages of the installation of the PBX server, in order to guarantee professionalism.

Why do more and more companies choose our services?

  • Because we offer you the best service at the best price
  • Because you have the choice of selecting the configuration that suits you best, with our intervention at the time you want it.
  • Because you are our priority, guaranteeing you a service that you can enjoy without commitment and at the lowest cost.

Fonvirtual gives you the possibility to customize your virtual PBX. You will be able to configure it in order to adjust it to your needs, which will allow you to make the difference. It will offer a quality service and high calibre work. You will also be able to activate all the functionalities you need, defining the parameters with your own welcome messages, interactive voice menus and everything you want to make available to your customers.

Start by configuring your PBX server on the number you already have. We can also assign a new number, you only have to choose a number from any Spanish province, national number or international phone number. All calls that are received through your virtual PBX will be managed by it.The portability of your number or the change of number to a new one will not cost you anything, it is a free process. You will be the holder of this number and you will do with it whatever you want.

The virtual PBX is a switchboard, that is to say, a device that secures the telephone connections automatically between the sender and the receiver.


PBX server

It is a box-shaped device that ensures the link between the company’s communications and the operator’s telephone network.

If we are talking about a PBX, we must mention the existence of two types: internal and external. The internal one, is a PBX server that needs an investment of exit for the acquisition of the material and that allows to adapt to its necessities. The external one, is a PBX Centrex or an externalized switchboard, that is lodged by the external borrower, or virtual PBXs. This avoids purchasing specific equipment.

Fonvirtual offers PBXs hosted on the cloud that offer a wide range of different functionalities according to the choice of the person and the budget of the company. These include voicemail, a personalized welcome, dialing, greeting messages, telephone hold music, caller ID, call recording and many others.

The PBX server allows you to manage the flow of your company’s telephone calls. Each station can be configured to have its own telephone answering message, waiting music and interactive answering machine. The PBX also allows to manage the company’s call transfers in an effective and efficient way, this saves a waste of time for the company. In this way it is possible to filter telephone calls and receive several external calls at the same time, a very interesting point for each company.

Do not look any further and contact us as soon as possible to know everything about our PBX server and our services!

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