Outbound contact center for your telemarketing strategy

Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Apr 17

If you are not yet familiar with the term outbound contact center, in this article you will get to know this concept that will help you increase your company’s sales, attract more customers and convince potential buyers, with the convenience of doing so from a computer or mobile phone with Internet access.

What is an Outbound contact center?


The outbound contact center consists of making multiple calls, by trained sales agents, from a contact center with Internet access.The purpose of these contact centers is to promote your company’s sales, satisfy existing customers and motivate new consumers. Thus improving customer service and, with it, the sales of the business.

There are multiple advantages that your company will get if you have an outbound contact center. Among them it stands out:

  • Timely and efficient information for the users of your company
  • Attract new customers through multiple phone calls
  • Make new sales to existing buyers of your company
  • Remember payments and debts via telephone
  • Quality control of after-sales service
  • Schedule appointments, increasing customer and supplier satisfaction


This service provides very beneficial advantages for companies. In addition, with advances in technology, telecommunications services have increased their quality of services.

Another benefit of the current outbound contact centers is that no large physical spaces are needed for their use, since thanks to the WebRTC applied to the cloud contact center, it is simply necessary to have access to the Internet. With this, calls can be made from any device that has a connection to the network (computers, mobiles, tablets …).

This way you can have an outbound contact center in your own company, without the need to outsource the service, at a low cost and with effective advantages.


Differences between Outbound contact center and Inbound contact center


Another telecommunications and sales tool that will be very useful to boost your business is the inbound contact center.

The inbound call or contact center, unlike the outbound contact center, consists of a call reception center, where customer calls are processed and answered, requests are processed and the requirements made by consumers of a product or users of a given service are followed up.

Therefore, the main difference between outbound contact center and inbound contact center is the type of activity or service they provide for a company, since the first focuses on sales (making calls, especially), while the second is based on customer service (mainly receiving calls).

From the point of view of marketing and sales, it is more important to have a modern, agile and effective outbound contact center, where many customers are contacted and new buyers are attracted, who frequently purchase the items that your company has for them.
However, from the point of view of customer service, it is necessary to have an inbound contact center to meet all customer demands. This means that no one is more important than the other, but complement each other to provide a service of total quality.

You must have personnel trained for these actions, as well as advanced technology to optimize resources and carry out this strategy effectively.


Outbound contact center for your telemarketing strategy


How much will it cost to have an Outbound contact center in my company?


The low costs of this outbound cloud contact center technology are possible thanks to the new communications, which are made through WebRTC. This allows you to communicate with your customers worldwide, through any device that has Internet access.

With WebRTC connections, we have left behind the traditional and expensive communications that are made with conventional telephones, as WebRTC makes use of any device with Internet access and without the need for new installations or investment in new equipment.


What other services can you have with the support of a company that offers outbound contact center?


Companies that are currently engaged in telecommunications through WebRTC, in addition to allowing your employees to contact your current customers and attract new consumers through a cloud contact center software, can also provide the following services to your business as a virtual PBX, virtual numbers for your outbound contact center, and so on.

If you want to know more, visit Fonvirtual’s web services or contact us for personalized advice. Don’t forget to ask how our outbound contact center service works (with the advantage that it is at the same time outbound and inbound) and all the advantages it will bring to your company, as well as the additional functionalities that make it more effective.

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