Casablanca, capital of Morocco, is the largest financial city in the country and brings together headquarters of large Moroccan and foreign companies, as well as a large number of immigrants from various countries around the world. Every year, thousands of people come to the city to visit its cultural richness and to settle and invest in their own businesses. Let’s see why it’s advisable to consider outsourcing a call center in Casablanca.

The investment and use of information and communication technologies are a key factor for the economic growth and development of any city.

The telecommunications sector in Casablanca has experienced a great increase over the years. The city has undergone different phases of development and various changes that have contributed to its development. Among other things, the introduction of new operators in the market and the creation of regulatory measures.

Moroccan officials are following the prospect of encouraging European investment and increasing the number of companies in the region, which is an incentive for development. They have the will not only to perpetuate existing information technologies, but also to launch the introduction of new techniques and emerging technologies, believing in their strength and their power to enable Morocco to develop in all fields, as telecommunication is a map that is played out in different sectors of activity.


A call center in Casablanca


A call center software is a communication tool created to maintain permanent contact between customers and the organization in question. It is a platform that gathers a set of means to manage incoming and outgoing telephone calls.

However, the activity of a call center can be managed either outside the company or internally. Companies can hire call center agents for their own needs or outsource to companies that provide call center services to other companies for a fee.

A call center in Casablanca is used by online companies, telemarketing companies, computer product support centers, sales organizations, survey services and other major organizations. These call center companies use the telephone to sell, promote and inform about products or services in order to improve the customer experience.

Typically, a call center processes a considerable volume of calls at the same time, filters and transfers calls to a qualified agent for management and recording.

An interactive voice response system responds to calls and uses speech recognition technology to respond to customer requests with an automated message. It also allows calls to be transferred to the appropriate call center agents or recipients through the IVR, an automated call distributor.

In Morocco, a still developing country, in recent years has experienced an increase in companies that use call center. This country is the destination of many companies and investors. Therefore, the new technologies that are already used in the most developed countries have also started to be used in Morocco.

The call center software becomes a support that any emerging or start-up company needs. It is a software that, hand in hand with professionals, will be a weapon that will make your business become the best.

With the arrival of new technologies and advanced communication techniques, call centers are no longer only accessible to specialized companies with large investments, but also for any type of business with or without experience. In fact, it is aimed at any type of company that wants to present a good service and customer experience.


Call Center in Casablanca


How can Fonvirtual help you whith a call center in Casablanca?


Fonvirtual, having already understood the growing need of the Moroccan market in terms of telecommunications, leader in telephony, international virtual numbers and new integrated technologies, seeks to facilitate the commercial interaction of customers with companies in an efficient way, and intends to distinguish itself by its offered functionalities.

With the WebRTC technology used by Fonvirtual, the call center is a solution that can extend your business and make it more profitable, since the customer is the key to a company’s turnover.

The main advantage of Fonvirtual in the Moroccan market is its price: the costs of Fonvirtual’s VoIP telephony calls are incomparable and the added value of the additional functionalities is unlimited. In fact, in addition to offering a virtual number available from Morocco, Fonvirtual adds innumerable functionalities to your PBX, such as call recording, schedule filters or option menus.

You can benefit from new local or international geographic numbers. If you already have it, you can keep it by porting your number. A call center is the best option to manage and improve communication relations between customers and companies.

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