Due to increasing competition in the marketplace, more and more companies around the whole world are now outsourcing all of their non-core part of their work so that they are able to focus more on the core competencies they possess. As per one of a well-known outsourcing and insourcing surveys conducted by Deloitte, almost 84% of the people who responded showed a very keen interest in outsourcing all of their non-core functions to offshore-based companies. The call center operations are one of the most important divisions of any company, whether the work happens in the company or it is outsourced. Some of the most vital strategy components for any business or enterprise across the planet involve their operations around call centers. India has done a wonderful job in the area of call center outsourcing and has built for itself an amazing reputation in providing outsourced value-added services.  During the late 1990s was the time when just a handful of companies from the USA started outsourcing their non-core functions to setups in India and very soon started realizing its benefits. India was also up to the task and it helped a lot of companies in realizing the benefits of their strategy of call center software outsourcing and really did act as a very tactical advantage to the companies around the world. Here we are mentioning some of the key reasons as to why companies should be outsourcing their call center operations to India.

Helps in bringing down the operating costs

If you outsource your call center centric services, it will help you in cutting down a large chunk of your operating costs. To set up call center software operations would require a considerable amount of investment in facilities, infrastructure, staff, equipment, overheads and such other things which you can save by having an Indian call center. Experts in the industry hold the belief that if you outsource your call center centric operations to some external location, it will bring your operating costs down by close to 50%in a way that the costs could be spread across numerous vendors who will be willing to pay in pricing options that could be very flexible.

Provide 24×7 services to your customers

Whenever you have a case where your customers and the business operations fall outside of the time zone you usually work in, it makes perfect sense to think about outsourcing your call center operations. With a 12-hour difference in time, India becomes an ideal location to consider as your outsourcing destination in order to provide after-hours support for most of the North American and European businesses. It will just not be realistic to expect most of the businesses to be able to provide around the clock call center centric operations. By outsourcing the call center software operations to India, the businesses will be in a position to provide 24×7 services to their customers around the world.   call center operations

Very Educated workforce

The universities in India have a huge reputation of producing very highly educated workers year after year. India creates close to two million graduates who speak English and close to 75,000 Information Technology graduates every year. This becomes a huge plus point for the call center operations that need a good quality workforce which is very well versed on the English language.  Even Spanish, French and German languages are now getting more popular amongst the Indian students as they are picking these as their second language or as their third language. Such a large availability of good quality workforce ensures that the outsourcing companies in India are able to provide the scale required when more services are needed.

An experienced destination for outsourcing

As a report from Deloitte, India is continuing to the preferred location for the offshoring of the multi-location sourcing strategies. As the ideal location for outsourcing of call center centric activities, India as a destination, has been providing a very high quality of services for nearly 20 years. India is the only destination that can boast of such an experience in this domain. Not only does India provide a very high quality of call center software centric operations but also provides some of the most complex analytical solutions in the form of engineering, research and product development too.  It is this all-encompassing approach towards the outsourcing operations which has made this destination as the top locations for outsourcing the call center operations.

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