If you were previously unaware that you could pay over the phone, we recommend following the next few steps. This will help improve how your company collects payments from customers.

  • Prepare for any type of situation. Before making a connection with your client, you must be aware of all of the possible things they may come up with so they don’t have to pay. You will have to know how to respond, and how to do it quickly and efficiently.


  • You must understand the situation. Before answering a call, you should be prepared on all topics related to what the client is calling for. For example, you should understand the process of invoicing, debt, products and services that your company offers, date they were initially invoiced, etc.


  • If the conversation becomes off topic, your results will not turn out as planned.


  • Try to ask open questions. Get to know your client as much as possible. That way, you do not have to worry about trying to collect this information from them later.


  • Always keep calm and be friendly with your customers. One thing that can ruin a conversation is your tone of voice. If you are nice to your customers, they will likely be nice to you. The same thing occurs when you keep calm during a conversation.


  • Avoid confrontation. Be careful with making accusations, as it can cause a lawsuit against the company and can cost you your job if you happen to make a mistake.


  • Provide multiple payment options to your customers. Offer the option to pay over the phone by credit card. The most important thing is that the client is willing to pay, one way or another.


Is it secure?

By letting your clients pay over the phone, their account information stays secure. Not only that, but the transaction is also processed instantly. This type of payment is also meets PCI-DSS payment standards. Therefore, it is one of the most secure forms of completing a transaction.

Taking card payments over the phone is  service that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The transaction is carried out using artificial intelligence, where data is processed to the bank directly and is never stored. An automated system will guide the customer through the transaction. This means there is no human interference when the card information is shared.


pay over the phone


How is a payment over the phone through Fonvirtual beneficial?


  • During a phone conversation, the agent will transfer the call to the automated operator. The automated operator is responsible for listening to the card information from the customer. It then processes the transaction directly to the bank. Then, once the transaction has been processed, the phone call is transferred back so that the client and the agent may resume their conversation.


  • There is no human intervention when the client shares their card information. The transaction is processed under the PCI-DSS compliance to ensure that it is completely secure.


  • This payment system also allows you to schedule calls if a customer has an unpaid bill.


  • Set options for additional payments. If a customer has a recurring payment, this can be useful.


  • Another way to keep payments up to date is by charging based on services. This will inform the customer the amount to be paid based on the service provided. The card information will then be requested immediately. That way, they can pay over the phone for specific services.


Advantages of taking card payments over the phone with Fonvirtual


  • It is an automated system under PCI security standards that requires no human intervention. Transactions are completely secure.


  • This service is flexible. With this service, you are offering an additional form of payment. Now your customers have options to choose from when making a payment. Thanks to this service, you will have more ways to increase sales and collect transactions.


  • When customers pay over the phone, multiple transactions can be handled at once. Multiple charges are handled at the same time.


  • You no longer have to hire multiple agents to handle transactions. All of them can be done automatically and securely.


  • The entire process occurs in the cloud. Therefore, you do not need to install or download any apps to allow customers to make transactions. Calls can be made from anywhere in the world at no additional costs.


  • The service can be configured based on your preferences (language, type of voice, customized messages, etc.)
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