Information is always useful in order to reduce uncertainty and therefore make better decisions. This statement can be applied to everything, but it is particularly relevant in business, and the PBX call recorder is perfect for them.

Why is a PBX call recorder useful to my business?

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Communications have always been important in business for gaining and maintaining relationships with clients, providers, stakeholders or authorities. Nowadays the role of communications in business is key for success.Companies are in contact with its environment through various mediums, such as internet, telephone networks, radio…etc. The importance of internet and smartphones, which are a combination of internet and telephone network is increasingly growing in the last years.Therefore multiple companies have focused their communications strategies on internet and phone lines.

Because of this, call centers have become truly important in the way business operate. Calls centers aren’t as we used to know anymore, they have experienced radical changes. Times when a call center was a bunch of people answering calls and transferring them, are over. Now there are PBX phone systems such as Fonvirtual´s virtual PBX that reduce the number of people working on them increasing its efficiency. Since it is virtual it offers diverse functionalities, such as call queuing, voice mail or recording calls.

A PBX call recorder allows obtaining information from the calls that either your company makes or receives. This is fundamental since it is possible to file all the data from conversations with clients, providers or potential customers. The virtual call center offers the possibility of creating statistics with that information as well. These two functionalities have become essential for business operations since enable companies to avoid uncertainty.

Obviously the purpose of calls recording is not gossiping, on the contrary its main purpose is to obtain information that might not been evident or relevant at first but it is potentially useful for market research or future business opportunities. There is no doubt that listening to your clients needs, demands and expectations is key for building the company’s strategy.  


What is the type of business is designed for?


The answer is, any type of business. As named before communications are crucial for companies in order to become successful.Therefore the PBX call recorder would be perfectly suitable for it. independently of the company’s size, structure, or services.

In case you are wondering, a PBX call recorder is useful for an online business as well. You might think that this type of businesses don’t receive as much calls as a traditional company, but actually it is not a relevant factor. Independently of what channel businesses use to operate, communication with the surrounding environment is needed. The reason why is needed is because offline and online businesses must be reachable for their clients, provider or anyone who shows interest in the company.

Within the company, a call recorder is particularly useful for customer service and after-sale support. Calls that are made to these areas contain important information about how well the company services and clients demands correlate.

Calls recorders don’t only help companies to obtain information but help them to improve this image. This occurs because people associate call recordings as a transparency sign, it proves that the company has nothing to hide.

If you have already realised that a PBX call recorder would be an important tool for your business, check our services of calls recording