The team wants to make sure that everyone can provide efficient and flexible customer service at a great price. The virtual PBX for customer service is the perfect solution for those who think their clients are their business priority. We hope to convince you about the importance of investing in a virtual PBX for customer service. However, we are not going to talk about the advantages of having a virtual PBX. We want to guide you to avoid certain mistakes.   There are two mistakes that business leaders usually make and they could be fatal for your customer service:

  1. The lack of professionalism: Often we see companies which are already established on the market but they underestimate the power of good customer service. For example, some companies use mobile phone numbers as their contact numbers. How to distinguish between private and professional calls? How to know which calls to prioritize? Or how long should you be available for your customers during the day? The quality of the service tends to be insufficient in this area. In other cases, companies, which export their products and services to foreign countries sometimes only offer contact numbers from their own country, which area code is unknown to the locals. A virtual number is a useful asset: one line can provide a channel for more numbers with different area codes. For example, your Italian clients would be able to call a number with an Italian area code and they would receive calls from an Italian number as soon as you decide to contact them. Not only your customer will have more trust in your business but you will also project a professional image.  
  2. The lack of proximity: Some companies, no matter their size, are difficult to contact. Too much time spent waiting on the phone line or transfers between different departments are just a few examples of a failed customer service attempt, which projects a negative image and might send your current or prospective customers to the competition. Take care of the relationship with your customers and keep a closeness. A virtual switchboard will help you manage your incoming calls. You will be able to offer your callers automated greetings and direct them towards the appropriate departments. Moreover you can add call queuing service and choose between 8 different background music types or let your caller know your business hours.

Simply put, it’s time you take responsibility for your customer service:

  • Boost the image of your brand : your customers notice whether you look after them or not. Business to Customer is being replaced by One to One. Make them feel unique to tighten your long-term relations.
  • Manage your offer : if you decide to offer a wider range of products or services, make sure that you identify each one with a different number. This means that you will know which product or service is the caller interested in even before answering the call. This can help you prepare your speech and for the upcoming conversation.  
  • Added value : a high-quality customer service is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition and to make sure that your customer will stay close to you.

Now that you know that offering customer service in your company is essential, and the virtual PBX is the perfect tool for it, find out about our virtual PBX for customer service of Fonvirtual.

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