When we talk about PCI Level 1 secure telephone charge, we think it is a service only offered by banks. But that is not true.

Today new security systems are being implemented that allow users to pay securely via mobile phone. We can already see it in some restaurants or supermarkets, where the customer pays through his mobile to the establishment’s dataphone.

However, it is now also possible to make payments via a telephone call and in a totally secure manner, with a PCI Level 1 secure telephone charge service.

Security systems require a large number of rules that establish measures and tools to protect transactions associated with card payments. To understand the behaviour of this security system and how to implement them when charging by telephone, it is important to know what PCI-DSS Level 1 is and what it is used for.


What are PCIs for?


PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. The main objective of PCI-DSS is to raise the level of security of all payments made through cards (credit or debit). In order to promote payments in a secure manner and keeping the confidentiality of transactions.

The PCI DSS has been specifically created for:

  • Ensuring that all cardholder information is securely stored
  • Reduce the risk of intrusions and unauthorized persons into account information and credit card statements
  • Maintain customer trust
  • Avoiding the impersonation of accounts or people
  • Stop any type of fraud in full swing


In the field of call center software and telephone billing with PCI Level 1 security, this service is very useful. It gives customers the opportunity to work with minimal probability of error and safely.

Thanks to intelligent systems, users do not have to give card data to third parties. The human intervention is null leaving a direct communication with the bank avoiding that swindles or frauds are caused.


PCIs and companies


Thanks to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), unified and established as a common standard to be applied by all companies, other types of companies outside of banking were annexed to offer PCI Level 1 secure telephone charge.

It is a benchmark for the protection of consumers and banks in the Internet age, which has been a success.

Fonvirtual has launched its new service of taking card payments over the phone totally secure. This allows making collections by telephone and through an artificial intelligence service.

It is no longer necessary to give your data to another person, but the transactions will be carried out without human intervention, processing the data directly with the bank.

In addition, this service is carried out without leaving the call, diverting the call to the intelligent collection service and resuming it later, if necessary.

On the other hand, the company will be able to program automatic outgoing calls to claim non-payments. Offering at the same time, the opportunity to pay it instantly.




Benefits of PCI Level 1 Secure Telephone Charge


  • It manages the transfer of customer credit card data, i.e. it collects and securely transmits confidential card information.


  • PCIs help to securely protect data through a process detailed across all 12 security domains, including encryption, transmission, and security testing of access to card data.


  • It ensures that the necessary security checks are carried out annually.  These may include forms, questionnaires, external vulnerability assessment services or third-party audits.


  • Only the service to which it was contracted is charged.


  • All transactions, without exception, are secure and confidential.


  • Allows customers to make payments quickly, as they are able to handle a high volume of calls.


  • Allows a direct relationship between the user and the bank without having to pay through intermediaries with total secrecy.


  • You can make payments from anywhere in the world.


Importance of implementing PCI Level 1 secure telephone charge


Today, both data protection and customer security are compromised. With the implementation of cybersecurity, a large number of possibilities that can be adopted in organizations are expanding.

Companies that do not yet have PCI-DSS in their collection system are in time to preserve customer security and cash inflows.

It is the duty of every company to manage the best way to give total security to its customers, and to offer the world more secure transactions. In this way, not only is the wealth cared for, but the customer is guaranteed reliable payment for the goods or services.

Try Fonvirtual’s telephone collection system. A new service that will bring added value to your company thanks to PCI Level 1 secure telephone charge.

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