Today, a simple tap on your cell phone screen or a click on your computer can put you in direct contact with someone on the other line. This is how a phone call button works. It puts you in contact with someone despite how distant you may be. For businesses, a phone call button on a website or app must look attractive enough for users to click on it and make a call.


This button should look inviting. The user may want to subscribe, access promotions, look for answers to certain questions, or file complaints. So why not make this option look inviting? All of these dilemmas a customer may have can be quickly solved with an options menu. With a phone call button, they can be connected directly to a service provider.


What is a phone call button?


Websites today tend to be much more interactive than ever before. Developers, telecommunication service providers and digital marketing specialists have perfected websites and their features. You can now track visitor statistics and customer compliance by checking your website’s analytics.


The phone call button is just a simple link that is added to a website. It allows visitors to contact customer service agents.  At this point, there is no need for a physical phone or any additional cables to make a call. You can just make a call from the website itself.


This innovative feature allows you to put people anywhere in the world in contact with each other. You no longer have to pay crazy international costs. Businesses can request what kind of calls they are looking for, such as a voice call, video call, or calls that contain written transcriptions in real-time. This is all possible with a phone call button.


The button may be shown as an icon containing a telephone handset, a corporate contact button, or even an attractive phrase so that the user of the page feels the need to click on it.


By using “click to call” technology, the button is built into the website through a line of code. There is no need for any software downloads or installations. Because of this, there is no risk of accidentally installing malware onto your computer if you see this call option.

phone call button


Objectives of the call button


The primary goal of having a phone call button on a business website is to allow a customer to contact customer service no matter where they are in the world.


Another objective of the phone call button is to provide customer satisfaction, analyze statistics, and promote new marketing strategies. It is important for the company to understand this data in order to stay in the market. Allowing people to make calls online is an innovative way to hear their input and suggestions.


The click to call button gives you the possibility to reach customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world. Although the button may not be as obvious as a normal call, it is usually an inviting way to let customers know that they can contact you immediately at any moment. You can also place it under the Contact Us option of your options menu.


Most people are unaware that this phone call button even exists. Now you can add one to your website by contacting Fonvirtual. Improve your website today with this “click to call” technology.


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