Advantages of phone surveys through a hosted PBX provider

Smith, Emma

Publish: Tuesday, Mar 20

The telephone surveys are a great asset within the market research world. As it own name says, telephone surveys are based on making phone call to a sample of people and collect the data through questions and previously elaborated questionnaires. A virtual PBX is a great tool for business that want to take part of these kind of actions. Find the correct hosted PBX provider and take advantage of telephone surveys.

Many companies choose this type of method when they need to do a research and they need primary data, since it brings a serie of advantages that can be summarized in the following categories:

Telephone surveys advantages

Having advanced telecommunications services can be of great help to those companies that want to analyze the behavior of their customers from telephone surveys. The best thing is to look for a good hosted PBX provider. Let´s see the advantages of these surveys:

  1. Fewer costs: The cost of doing this type of research is fewer than other’s, any other method that requires a personal interview is much more expensive. Therefore it can be said that is a good method to collect the data less expensively.
  2. Diversity of surveyed people: It is way simpler to choose a sample of people with diverse backgrounds when you only have to call them instead of moving to wherever they are. You will be able to choose surveyed people from different geographical points or even from different countries without having to travel.
  3. Feedback: One of the advantages of phone surveys is the direct communication with the surveyed through an impersonal medium such as the telephone. Because of this the surveyed will feel more comfortable to express its opinion freely. In personal surveys, surveyed people seem precocious when they have to give their opinion about some polemic topics.
  4. Time saving: The time spent to make a phone campaign is much lower than the time spent in any other type of campaign. For example email surveys require a lot of time from sending the emails to receiving all the observations, or with personal interviews companies spent lots of time travelling…


Disadvantages of telephone surveys 


  1. The percentage of replies is very low compared to other surveys such as personal surveys, email surveys… It is quite simple to avoid surveyors on the phone and not answering their questions. 
  2. Time restrictions: when you make a phone survey you have to make sure it is a short questionnaire, it can not have a lots of possible answers, and of course you have to be aware that phone surveys do not enable the usage of pictures and visual content.
  3. In case the survey entails uncomfortable questions that can make the phone survey awkward is better to have a previous contact with the surveyed person instead of approach him or she in such a direct way.
  4. Fiability of answers: Oftenly surveyed people answers nonsenses when they are asked on the phone since there is no personal contact and this obviously affect the credibility of the survey.


As you can see phone surveys can be a very useful method when data is required for a research. Furthermore with your hosted PBX provider you will be able to make phone surveys in a rapid and effective way.

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