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Publish: Monday, Jul 29
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An international phone number USA can offer great benefits to any company. By having a United States phone number, you can improve your customer experience globally and improve your communication with them significantly. It also works virtually, meaning you can make calls with a US area code from any location globally.

The idea behind virtual phone numbers is to make sure that customers or anyone interested always has a contact number that can be used to contact the company.


Companies can now use this number as their main company number. This increases the quality of your customer service since they will always have a number to contact. You are able to have this number based on your virtual PBX phone system, and can add as many virtual international phone numbers as you would like.


As a service provider, it is always a responsibility to make an easy path for customers to contact businesses when need be. Easy access to contact a company ensures that customers do not have to think twice on making a call. An international virtual phone number USA appears and acts the same way as regular phone numbers. The only difference is that you are no longer tied down to your office to make and receive customer service calls. You can now take calls on your computer or cellphone, as well.


With this information, it is important to know exactly what a virtual phone number is, why it is so important and how you can port your phone number today.


What is a virtual phone number?


A virtual phone number is a number that is not linked to a specific telephone device or telephone line. A few years ago, telephone numbers only worked through a single telephone line. This line was physically connected from the telephone company to the destination (a home or a commercial office) via telephone wires.


Any call made to that phone number could only be sent to that specific destination. And in some cases, the company would have physical telephone system hardware, such as a PBX, in their office in order to configure the routing rules for calls, extensions, voicemail, etc.


Currently,  WebRTC allows you to send the virtual number phone call to any device connected to the internet. Calls are routed through the internet and do not interfere with the user’s own telephone line. You can now receive calls from multiple numbers on any internet connected device. Pretty cool, right?


What is the process of porting a virtual international phone number USA?


To port a virtual international phone number, the following must be considered beforehand:

  • The entire process to opt for the portability of a phone number takes at least 4 days, depending on the phone service provider.
  • It boosts a call center operators confidence knowing that they can also receive data and statistics about their calls to their virtual phone number
  • Porting a phone number is usually free

The most important thing to consider is to not make any changes or adjustments to their phone contract before a portability request. The phone service providers will be responsible for transferring the number themselves.


Why is an international phone number USA beneficial?

If you have a worldwide customer base, the whereabouts of your business becomes a concern for your customers. Especially if they want to get in touch with your company.


Distance tends to hinder a customers chance of contacting a company. This is where an international phone number USA comes into play. Even if you are located in Europe, customers from the United States can call you without fearing international fees. You can also get an international phone number from multiple different countries, such as one from the UK or Ireland,  to reach customers in those locations as well.


Let’s see how a virtual phone number can help determine the well-being of the company. You can now take care of each individual customer despite their different time zones.

international phone number

Hosted in the Cloud


Cloud technology supports the idea of ​​virtual numbers. Innovation is also much more likely to occur thanks to its benefits. The cloud offers many opportunities to provide flexibility in every business.


Local Presence in Every Corner


It is a very important aspect to make customers feel that the business they want to contact is located nearby. This offers greater customer confidence when making any purchases with your company.


Because of this, virtual numbers are one of the best tools to start for meaningful business communication.


Customers who are seeking assistance are more likely to dial a local number because it gives them a sense of belonging and guarantees that they are more likely to receive quicker service.

No International Call Fees


You can call without any additional international service fees, regardless of where you are.


Thus, it allows companies to offer a contact number from any country to their customers. No more worrying about extra costs.


What Inconveniences can Operators Face?


The importance of not having any additional phone services associated with the fixed company number 


Many users still do not see the benefits of having a virtual phone number as a main form of contact if it is not associated with any additional services.


Imagine a company that has landline phones, internet, cell phones and TV systems with the same service provider. If the company one day receives an offer for a virtual PBX phone system instead that meets all the demands of the company, the current fixed number cannot be ported without having to cancel all of the other services.


Not having the company main phone number associated with any other service provider means you are able to benefit from all the offers that exist. You can enjoy a virtual PBX phone system configured on the company’s new fixed number. Now you can provide the best quality customer service.


If you want to know more about these advantages, do not hesitate to contact one of our advisors.  They will be able to inform you of everything you may want to know about a virtual international phone number USA. Find out more at Fonvirtual.


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