The technological advances make available to everyone a myriad of tools that facilitate all kinds of tasks. In addition, all these new tools come to facilitate work and processes, such as the new automatic payment system: POS payment. It’s a very useful service for taking card payments over the phone.


What’s the POS payment system?


The POS payment system is the newest and most secure automatic payment system for both companies and users. This new tool allows you to make payments by credit card during a phone call between the company and the customer.

Its operation is very simple. The company’s agent in charge of making this type of collection launches a call to the client. Once it has communicated the reason for the call and its procedure, it transfers the call to an automatic system that will take charge of asking for the data to the client.

The only task of the customer is, as in any transaction, to give his credit card details. These data will be processed directly with the bank, so the agent will not know the customer’s bank details.

Once the payment between the customer and the automatic POS payment system has been completed, the agent can resume the call to close the conversation.


Who can use a POS payment system?


The global buying and selling model has taken a turn in recent years. Although physical stores are still a reality, the online business model is growing day by day. In addition, these companies, when carrying out these transactions through the Internet, need technological innovations.

The automatic POS payment system works for all types of companies, regardless of the product or service they sell, but above all for companies that make payments over the phone or the Internet.

Mostly the companies of the automated collection systems are virtual stores, telemarketing, tourism, NGOs or telecommunications companies in any of their areas of electronic sales.


Advantages of using the POS payment system


This is a fully automatic system. In other words, the data is exchanged between an intelligent automatic system and the customer. The agent never knows the user’s bank details.

This POS payment system can also make outgoing automatic calls in two ways:

Scheduling collection calls. It allows you to schedule automatic outgoing calls to request defaults from customers and offer the option to pay instantly through the POS payment system.

Additional payment option. There is also the possibility that it is the customer who calls to make the payment. In this way, the automatic server will return the call and the automatic system will request the bank card data from the customer.

The POS payment is a service available at any time, which does not stop working even if it is 4 o’clock in the morning. In addition, it is a secure tool since at no time are data exchanged with the agent, but with an intelligent robot.


POS payment


POS payment configuration


Like most telemarketing tools, the POS payment system has the option of being configured according to corporate image needs to make the customer feel comfortable and well taken care of.

The payment system allows to produce greetings and validation of errors, a variety of languages, navigation menus and queries to the database of the company to adopt the different amounts.

In the same way, prepare the system to determine if it is necessary to communicate with any agent of the company or send text messages with information and collections.

This simple procedure is as follows:

  1. A collection through POS payment is requested
  2. The system activates the charging system through the call.
  3. The data for the payment is inserted
  4. Bank details are checked between the bank and the automatic system
  5. The payment is finished and you enjoy the service

The POS payment service is usually associated with the call center software or PBX solutions that the company has, to facilitate contact with customers.

The systems are adapted to meet the needs of commercial actors, offering security over their data and alternatives for ease, speed and efficiency.

POS payment is a business management tool for taking card payments over the phone that is done directly with the client.


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