It is never an easy job to manage a Call center software. You can be successful though, by learning from the others in the industry who are successful.  However, once you follow a few simple steps, and learn a few tricks, the advantages that the Call center management will bring to your company are endless.

Here we present to you some best practices for having successful management of a Call center software.


Tracking customer experience for the call center management


For a good call center management is common to start to prioritize customer satisfaction and experience before revenue. So, if you have not already been using customer surveys in collection and presentation of customer feedback, and using this information as a measure for customer satisfaction, we urge to start right now. But do not stop tracking the revenue, of course. However, if your higher ups want to know how business decisions are impacting customer experience, a robust historic data is going to be your friend. Getting customer feedback should be taken as a priority for most of the Call centers, and it should be the same for your Call center software as well. We should warn you though, it is not going to be easy. Most of the customers will often ignore the feedback request being made to them, especially when it is done over email. Online surveys have only a meagre 10% to 15% of the response rate.


Track your churn rate for the call center management


If you are able to increase the rate of your customer retention by just five percent, it will help you boost your profits by 25% to 95%, as per the research undertaken by the Harvard Business school. Gartner’s report shows that an increase in customer loyalty leads to increased profits, decreased costs of sales made, and gives your brand more credibility.

Retaining customers requires a kick in the butt to the churn. In order for you to do that, you must first know what churn means. Customer churn rate is a measure of the metrics that calculates the percentage of the customers who end their relationship with an organization in a given specified period. Whether you are measuring the churn or the retention rate really does not make much of a difference; they are just two sides of the coin.

According to most people though, churn is getting to be more popular as a metric. And investors are looking to be more interested in churn rate rather than retention rate. The recommendation is to measure your churn rate by year unless your customers are paying you on a monthly basis (in such cases, you should be measuring your churn rates on a monthly basis). Pay special attention to changes in churn rates, and how they are related to changes in your products or services.


call center management


Segment your customers for the call center management


It is not just enough to track how many of your customer are churning, you will also need to keep track of who exactly is churning. To find that out, you must first divide al your customers into segments.

You can segment customers based on:

  • Their likelihood of becoming loyal
  • Their likelihood to be part of the churn
  • How profitable their loyalty is to your business?

A lot of organizations unconsciously assume that their digital-savvy customers are the most profitable. Though, it is true that these customers generally have a lower cost to serve, and businesses can woo them through personalized content and tailored services.

In order to get a good call center management and to find out who your most profitable customers actually are, make sure you are using the tools provided by data analytics to make sure that your measure of the ROI of your customer experience initiatives is correct.  You will need to decide which numbers you are going to use to measure the value of customer service, and you need technology to help you calculate the value of happy customers and the cost of unhappy ones


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