Generally people associate owning a premium-rate virtual telephone number with being an ogre, since the company charges more to people who calls.


There is a word that everybody loves to hear, and no it is not “ I love you” or anything of the kind. The word everybody wishes to hear is FREE. The word free causes a particular effect on people, it influences people with very different backgrounds. Indeed, the influence is bigger or smaller depending on the person’s personality. This word makes people getting enthusiastic about products and services that didn’t get their attention before they knew they were free.


Because of this, companies whose contact phone number is a  premium-rate virtual telephone number, suffer the consequences of this stigma at the beginning. On the contrary of toll-free numbers and regular landline phone numbers, that are now free in most phone plans, a premium-rate virtual telephone number is not and this is the reason why people sometimes have some prejudices about them.


But despite what people think of companies that own a premium-rate virtual telephone number as one of their contact phone numbers, are not ogres. They are not worst than other companies that own a free contact phone number.

People now are more given to call companies since most phone plans include unlimited free calls to landline phone numbers. This might have negative side effects that a premium-rate virtual telephone number doesn’t have.


Because people are more willing to call companies, they receive a ridiculous amount of calls that makes the call service more difficult. These calls which collapse the system are not always justified. This usually happens with anything free, people overuse it or use it in the wrong way. The premium-rate virtual telephone number guarantees the correct usage of call service.

virtual telephone number

Besides the rise in the number of incoming calls, there is a rise of costs as well. This rise of costs is caused by the need of hiring new employees to balance the amount of answered calls or by a more expensive phone service bill at the end of the month. A premium-rate virtual telephone number is an excellent tool to preserve the call service quality since often quality goes down in order to reduce costs for facing the great amount of calls.


Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy all PBX functionalities with your Fonvirtual premium-rate virtual telephone number. You will be able to route your incoming calls to other cell phones or landline phone numbers unlimitedly and free. The premium-rate virtual telephone number is a service that Fonvirtual provides without any time period contract restrictions, so you can try it for a month and check if it is suitable for your company’s needs or not, without any kind of engagement.


Subscribe for a premium-rate virtual telephone number in Fonvirtual to improve the quality, the selectiveness and the correctness of your company’s call service.  And check out other of our services: PBX, click-to-call, call center software and international phone number such as virtual phone number UK and many other countries. 


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