Christmas, that moment of the year when streets are covered of people, lights and snow, when kid’s eyes are full of illusion and everything is covered with a background soundtrack of Christmas. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… But you can not forget about providing a good customer service with a virtual call center.

It is also the shopping time for excellence. Both physical and online business face the highest sales peak of the year (generally). And if you want to be at the top of the wave, you can’t deconcentrate with candy and christmas trees and you must be prepared to support what is coming.

It will be really important to have a quality customer service. As it can damage your business a failure in you customer support in this key moment. In this moment sales are made lot of times in the last minute and with a lot of pressure, so clients will like quick and effective answers.

If new clients are attended correctly in this dates, possibly they will be fidelize and it would lead to future interactions with the company. But also, if your loyal customers receive a bad quality service, the relation with the company could be damage and it could even break.

Yes, there is a lot at stake, but keep calm, that thanks to new technologies, there are facilities that can help you to give a perfect service without spoiling your Christmas plans.

The tool that we are going to suggest is the virtual call center. The particularity of the virtual call center software is the mobility that it offer to your agents, who can be placed wherever they want. Also, thanks to the WebRTC technology that this tool offers, you can also get connected in any device, either in your phone, tablet or computer.

virtual call center

But that’s not all, the virtual call center service comes with a multitude of features that will give your customers a much more pleasant shopping experience, and they will allow you to manage and control calls. The functionalities that we are going to introduce you are:

  • Firstly, it offers greetings, that are recorded messages that whoever calls the company will listen to. They are customizable and you can change them when you want. For this moment of the year it would be perfect to felicitate Christmas as well as presenting your company, for example: “Good morning and merry Christmas, you are calling Fonvirtual”
  • Through the interactive option menu, that could function either by voice or through your keyboard, you would be able to offer your clients different options and they will choose the one that fits better their needs. This call will be redirected and answered by the most adequate person.
  • In the peaks of calls, the the call queuing will help you pleasantly to not miss any call. You also have the possibility to add to the wait a background music that will make more satisfactory the wait for your customers. In this times it would be great to add a Christmas song, like for example “All I want for Christmas” from Mariah Carey.
  • It is important to highlight to, the opportunity of making schedules. You can schedule your call reception time. Also if you receive a call out of schedule, you can program an automatic message for the caller like: “Sorry, you’ve called out of schedule, you can contact us at X, Thank you”.
  • You could have a control of your calls with features like statistics and supervisor functions. The statistics will provide information about any aspect of the virtual call center calls: missing calls, answered, abandoned, average waiting time…and all this information will be available on time. The supervisor functions will be T an internal chat that will enable the exchange of messages with other agents, the “whisper” function, that enables the supervisor to give additional information in order to help agents during any virtual call center call and if a direct participation it’s needed, he will be able to intervene the conversation, opening a 3-way conversation: supervisor, agent and caller.

As you can see, you have no excuse to offer the best service to your customers during this Christmas season with a virtual call center (when there is a high call traffic). So if you want to stand out from your competition and give your clients the most satisfactory shopping experience possible, do not hesitate to contact fonvirtual.

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