First impressions are really important. You will think about the expression “You can’t judge a book by its cover”, ok, we agree that first impressions should not always be taken into account, but the truth is that while making business, first impressions are built quickly in the public mind, and it is difficult to change.

That is why we see as a value creator, especially in e-commerce, creating and taking care of a quality company image that builds positive thinking in our clients.  

Today we are going to talk about the importance of telecommunications in the company to give a professional and global image, both online and offline.

Usually, clients’ first impression of the company is made via the Internet. A good web page that contains all the necessary information is very important, but customers will want more personalized attention, there is where telecommunications appear.  

We can give you 3 options for obtaining a professional company image through telecommunications.

  • Virtual PBX

The PBX option offers big advantages in the quality of your customer service that is very important to build trust with your clients. But in the past, this was really expensive. Nowadays, thanks to the technological development, we have IP PBX that is an IP telephony system that uses the cloud to develop all the functions offering an added value at an unbeatable price.

The virtual PBX allows you to use a landline for customer service and receive the calls on your mobile phone. Giving a landline contact number gives a more professional image but thanks to this service you can get the benefits of receiving calls on the mobile phone.

Also it offers features like welcome voice locutions, which will introduce your company, IVR, that will route the clients depending on their necessities, and also you can schedule your receiving calls, you will receive your calls only within the scheduled time, and if they call out of that slot they will receive a voice locution informing of the opening hours. You would not lose any call.

These are just some of the features offered by Fonvirtual, which will give your clients perception of a well-organized company.

  • International number

If you are an international company or you want to expand your business to other countries, a virtual business phone number is imperative. It gives facilities and security to your clients when they want to contact you, and also it will improve your company international image. Without moving to another country. Calls will be received in your country, but clients would not notice that.


  • Click to call


Click to call service is basically a way of making easier for the client to get in touch with the company. Your clients will only need to introduce their number in the click to call button, press it and they will directly receive a totally free call.

This innovative service will catch the clients’ attention and will give them a professional image of a company that tries to give all the facilities of contact.