Every enterprise, regardless of its sector, needs a service that allows to manage the communication of the whole company in a fast, easy and organized way. It is an essential reality for companies of every size, and due to that exists the most convenient solution: professional PBX.

You might be wondering: What exactly is a professional PBX? Why it is called “professional”? Let’s start with the first question.

A PBX is a communication management equipment which main purpose is to classify the company’s incoming calls. It is seen as a fundamental tool that will ensure every company an appropriate customer support. The enterprises should pay a special attention to it, since the clients’ calls take a high percentage of the activities in most of the companies; when the customer support is bad, the enterprise will probably come directly to grief.

When it comes to the second question, “professional” means that it adds a value to your company by minimizing expenses and by achieving a better service. The time spare that a good PBX imply is enormous, since it helps to centralize all of the incoming and outgoing calls, making a different departments free of calls that are not intended for them. In this light, it is clearly seen as a professional service worth investing.


What PBX should be chosen by a professional

If you are looking for a professional PBX, you should not choose it carelessly, since, as we said earlier, it is a service that could add a los of advantages to your enterprise.

To get a fast, but useful idea, we introduce you two most common PBXes. There are some evident differences between them that you will be able to appreciate on your own.


# Traditional PBX

It is a classic, physical PBX equipment that works thanks to a mythic copper cable, which function is to connect its different extensions. It is a private telephony network that counts with their own phones, that sadly, just like in the case of extensions, are limited. In addition, it implies making unnecessary investments due to the obligation of buying a hardware that needs connections and physical access on the part of the provider. Few years ago it was probably an amazing solution for the enterprises that were looking for a highlight by offering a good customer service in the cheapest way, and with the purpose of sparing the time. However, through the emergence of new technologies, it has changed, advancing this way the professional PBX you were looking for, and making the traditional one completely obsolete. Keep reading and do not miss any detail!


# Virtual PBX

Here you can find a solutions for your problems: virtual PBX. It is seen as the most advanced system which combine the fixed telephony with the IP one, creating a cloud PBX able to forward the calls to other lines (either fixes, mobiles or IP) through extensions which do not need to be connected to any physical place. The PBX information is stored in the cloud, that means it is completely managed via Internet. It implies a significant cost reduction, since it does not require any physical device, so we can save on this purchase. There are more and more companies that has brought in that system, since the advantages are really astounding comparing to a traditional PBX. It offers some really useful features like call queueing, call recording, call transfers and many others.

The differences between both of them are already clear and evident even that we have not mentioned all of them. So, since you probably have already clear that what you really need is a virtual PBX, we are going to focus more on it and to forget the traditional one.


What the most professional PBX can offer you

Of course we are talking about the virtual PBX and first of all comes its main function: customer support. It is going to make your company a much more professional business, earning your clients’ trust and achieving more contacts thanks to the efficiency of your employees.

The virtual PBX maintenance is really simple, since it is the operator who will be in charge of its configuration and of sustaining it operative.

One of the most useful advantages is that your office is wherever you are. Since it works via Internet, you can keep receiving and making calls from any device and place.

When it comes to the security, the virtual PBX is always the best option since, unlike the traditional one, it is really complicated to intercept phone communication.

Choose the number from the place you want, including other countries. You have also an option to carry the number you already own.

The costs, as we said earlier, are really small comparing to the other type of PBX, since you do not need to acquire any physical device.

With one of their main features, custom main greetings, you will not have to be worried about not answering the clients, since the PBX itself will welcome and inform them about your company, will indicate whether you are busy, inform them about the working hours and vacation or holiday period.

A lot of people think about the PBX as a “super receptionist” that manage all of the company’s calls. But, without any doubt, it is all about a professional PBX. At Fonvirtual we offer you the best service at a really competitive price. Do you want to become a VoIP client? Take a look at Fonvirtual´s webpage and ask for prices!

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