From the origins of the human race, the technology has been really important in the creation of processes and mechanisms to solve problems of everyday life. Partly, it was marking the human process. More and more companies are relying on telecommunications technology systems to manage customer service. One of these systems is VoIP PABX.

In the past 100 years, technological progress has increased, and consequently many aspects of human life have improved. In this article, we are going to tell you about changes in employment and about new professions that are appearing thanks to technological development.

As you know, Artificial Intelligence is booming right now in a lot of different aspects. We count more and more on machines that do our jobs for us, and that automate the processes, such as the VoIP PABX. What is happening is that several jobs turn out to be unnecessary since the machines can perform it more efficiently. But, at the same time, it creates new jobs that derive from its use.

The development of the Internet, the robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and the biotechnology are elements of disruptive technology. If we unite it with social changes, start-up and electronics companies development, the new awareness of consumers (ethic, environmental friendliness…), and the working flexibility thanks to teleworking, it makes obsolete the job the way we have known it until now, and it brings us new job opportunities that follow these criteria and that probably will be changing in following years.

The professions that we are going to present you will appear as a consequence of what we have mentioned:


1) Software developers

The experts in software development are going to be really important since they will be in charge of creating the systems that will achieve the processes automatization. The technology will keep evolving, so we will always need professionals responsible for putting it into operation. Moreover, there are many sectors where they are needed. Thus, there are many opportunities for specialization: video games, business, management, etc.


2) Data analyst or Big Data

The Big Data is capable of storing more data in 48 hours than what had been produced from prehistory to XXI century. For that reason the person capable of analyzing this data, and differentiate the important information from ‘garbage’ is indispensable. For example, it will be important for businesses to be able to offer to clients a personalized product basing on the information we got about them. Counting on professionals who are able to extract conclusions from the stored data will be key at the moment of taking decisions.


3) Experts in cyber security

Currently, the data, as it is on the Internet cannot be kept with a physical key or watched by safeguards. Thus, appears the importance of having experts in cyber security who will be in charge of protecting the data from cyber attacks and hackers. The companies attacked on the Internet will have to put a large amount of money to reinstall everything once again, and it is possible that they will not find the cause of the attack. For that reason, it is better to be safe than sorry and having strong security performed by an expert capable of protecting data from malware becomes a pillar of the company.


4) App developer

Only a few people do use in their daily life their mobile phones. Now, the use of them is not only receiving and making phone calls. but now the phones give the opportunity of downloading a wide variety of apps that cover many necessities, from the most basic ones to some more complex. For that reason, the app developers play such an important role. Moreover, there are more and more companies that develop a specific app for their business and this way they create more job opportunities.





5) Experts in the cloud

Nowadays, storing the information in the cloud can add major benefits. And it is that everything you need will always be available wherever you are, encouraging the work mobility, and in addition, it counts on a strong and secure system that will not fall down. For that reason, the cloud experts, no matter if they are engineers, analysts or administrators they are of major importance at the moment of managing data stored in the cloud.


As we can see, most professionals that we have mentioned are present on the Internet and do not look for solutions directed to the final customer. For that reason, we should mention the importance of the role of customer service. Largely they are those who are in charge of satisfying the customers’ expectations of the buying experience. Of course, the customer support service is also affected by this technological development era. One of the elements that count on innovative technology and that is applied in most companies which have direct contact with clients is the virtual PBX.

But do not think that everything will be virtualized and automatized. There are many things that the computer will never be able to do, and it is a human creation. Writing a book, sing a song, dance, start a business, are only a few actions that can only be developed by humans, and that the computer will not take from us.

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