How to measure the quality of service in a Call Center

Smith, Emma

Publish: Thursday, Apr 27
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The quality of customer service is a crucial aspect for the success of any company, and the call center is a key element in customer satisfaction. That is why it is essential to constantly measure and evaluate their performance in order to improve the customer experience and the quality of service provided. This article analyzes the main metrics that are used to measure the quality of service in a call center.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a metric that measures the degree of satisfaction that the customer has with the service received. The most common indicator to measure customer satisfaction is the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which measures the probability that the customer will recommend the company to family and friends. Surveys are the main source of obtaining this information, and their completion at the end of each call with the client is a common practice in call centers.

First Contact Resolution (FCR)

First Contact Resolution is an indicator that measures the percentage of customer contacts that are resolved on the first call. A high FCR is a sign that the call center is doing a good job and that customers are getting the attention they need quickly and efficiently. A low FCR can lead to a higher customer churn rate and a bad reputation for the company.

Call center service level (NDA)

The Call Center Attention Level is the percentage of calls that are answered within a given period. A high NDA is an indicator that the call center is well prepared to meet customer demand. A low NDA may indicate that the call center does not have sufficient resources to serve customers effectively.

Activity of call center agents

Agent activity is a crucial factor in the quality of service provided. Call center supervisors must pay attention to agent activity to ensure they are available when needed and what they are effectively talking to customers about. The monitoring tools are an effective way to measure agent activity.

 service quality

Quality of call center service

The monitoring and control of the quality of the attention provided by the call center is a very important aspect that cannot be left aside. It is possible to carry out quality evaluations by listening to the calls and reviewing the emails, chats and social networks attended by the customer service team.

The supervisor or quality evaluator must evaluate certain criteria previously defined and agreed with the company, such as the clarity, courtesy, efficiency and effectiveness of the answers given by the call center agents.

Abandonment level in calls from the call center

Call Abandonment Rate is an indicator that measures the percentage of calls that customers abandon before their issue is resolved or serviced. This indicator can be directly related to the customer’s waiting time in line, the lack of resources or sufficient personnel, and the level of attention of the call center.

A high level of call abandonment not only negatively impacts the customer experience, but can also result in decreased customer satisfaction and loyalty..

Average waiting time

Average hold time is the time it takes for an agent to answer a call. This indicator makes it possible to assess the speed with which customers are being served and can be directly related to the level of customer satisfaction and the level of call abandonment.

An average waiting time that is too long can cause customer frustration and, consequently, negatively affect their experience and their perception of the service provided by the call center.


Measure and control the level of service of a call center It is essential to guarantee the quality of care that is being provided to customers and improve their experience. For this, it is necessary to use various metrics that allow obtaining relevant information on the performance of the customer service team and thus be able to make decisions and improvements.

Customer satisfaction, first call resolution, service level, agent activity, service quality, call abandonment rate, and average communication time are some of the most important metrics that must be measured and controlled in a call center.

The implementation of measurement and monitoring tools, as well as carrying out periodic quality assessments, are essential for monitoring and controlling the level of service in the call center and for guaranteeing a quality customer service experience.

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