One of the advantages of modern banking is that it allows you to make all kinds of payments through different platforms in increasingly easier ways. However, now it’s even easier thanks to phone calls through an intelligent and automated system. Still, a problem for many people is knowing if phone charges are safe. It is always complicated to give the card number to anyone else. Ideally, this type of payment should not generate stress levels. That’s why we want to explain a little bit about the secure telephone charge and how it works.

How does it work?


Many platforms allow securely taking card payments over the phone. Today, most of them are supported by data security systems such as PCI-DSS that ensure that transactions are secure. However, there are other types of data protection that also generate a trusting environment when making any type of payment by telephone.

Because it is open 24 hours a day, it offers many advantages. Some of them are completely electronic and others require human intervention. The latter is not so reliable because they offer data to operators that can be used incorrectly. However, some people take risks and make operations successful.

Fonvirtual’s secure telephone charge service offers totally secure transactions. This is because they will be carried out through an artificial intelligence system without human intervention. The data will be processed with the bank directly without storing them.

Secure telephone charge with credit cards is currently very beneficial, especially in the online environment.


Secure telephone charge for businesses


Although payments are made instantly at the time of purchase, there is an option to make payment via a phone call.

This is beneficial for all companies, whether online or offline. One of the main problems for all of them is deciding the means by which all invoices will be collected.




How do I charge by credit card over the phone?


It’s very easy. During the call between the agent and the customer, the latter will be sent to a smart automated system that will ask you for the data. In other words, the operator diverts the call for the customer to make the payment, then the call is restarted to confirm that the payment has already been made.

It is also possible to schedule automatic outgoing calls in order to collect non-payments, for example.

In addition, the PCI-DSS security system does not allow third parties to verify the information provided.


Advantages of secure telephone charge 


  • Humans are not involved. Everything is virtual and automated.
  • It allows the possibility of paying for any kind of services.
  • The data are processed directly with the bank
  • Allows the collection of several customers online, without causing inconvenience and loss of time
  • Secure Telephone Charge Enables Increased Sales
  • Greater satisfaction and comfort, both for the company and for the client.
  • You can make payments from anywhere in the world.
  • It reduces the stress of being a victim of fraud.

Learn more about Fonvirtual’s telephone collection service. A secure telephone charge offer that will bring total confidence to your customers.

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