The telecommunications world is in a very dynamic environment so companies must know how to adjust themselves to new changes that take place in that environment. The VoIP calls are one of the greatest tech developments that companies can use in order to improve their customer call service. It enables offering a professional and efficient service.


The VoIP calls have a determinant role in modern companies’ customer call service. They allow companies to receive and make calls with any device that has an internet connection. This way the mobility and flexibility that the company’s agents enjoy will increase. Prior to this development, agents had to remain static in their work stands to wait for incoming calls, since traditional landlines were settled and they had no mobility.


VoIP calls


What are the advantages that VoIP calls bring to companies?


The VoIP calls bring a set of advantages into your company that will help your company to become a modern and outstanding enterprise in customer call service.


  1. Move around: Thanks to VoIP calls you will be able to receive calls anywhere, as long as you have access to the internet. Plus, you won’t have to pay extra costs for it, the cost will remain exactly the same as if you had received the call in your home country.
  2. Perfect alternative to old PBXs: The VoIP calls are the perfect substitutive to old traditional PBXs which are heavy and they also waste lots of room in the office. They are as well quite limited in terms of features.
  3. Superior PBX features: Modern features are available for virtual PBX. There are a bunch of options, such as call recorder, statistics panel and many more. They all will suit your requirements for creating a perfect customer call service.
  4. Cost reduction: The newest solution doesn’t have to be the most expensive one. In this particular case bills will be considerably reduced thanks to VoIP calls.
  5. Calls audio quality: One of the main inconveniences of IP telephony and VoIP calls was the dreadful audio quality.  Nowadays and thanks to the advances made in the industry, an excellent call audio quality is guaranteed. New protocols such as WebRTC, which has been developed by Google, allow users to make and receive VoIP calls directly through the browser. This is the reason why it can be used in a computer, a smartphone or any other device which has an internet connection.


In conclusion, VoIP calls are the definitive solution (at least at this moment) for companies. It doesn’t matter if they are huge multinational or on the contrary they are medium and small companies that want to offer a good customer call service.


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