Many companies are looking for a second number from Madrid for their businesses and in they can find it.

What is a second number from Madrid?


This number is an international phone number from Madrid. It is a telephone line hosted in the cloud whose digits formed a landline phone number with the geographical prefix of Madrid.

Because it is a line that is hosted in the cloud there is no need for wires or neither installations but everything is digital. Due to this reason is necessary that calls from that virtual phone number are diverted to other telephone lines that are hosted in physical devices, such as cell phones or landline phones.


In we offer to divert all those calls to other phone lines free with no limitations in case you sign for a virtual phone number Spain from Madrid.


Furthermore, an international phone number from Madrid admit adding classic PBX features such as:


  • Call recorder
  • Call queue
  • Call branch
  • Voicemail
  • Statistics


And many other features that will add value to your customer service.


Why Madrid?



second number


A second number from Madrid is one of the most wanted assets by companies in these years. The reasons that make companies want a virtual or international phone number from Madrid are diverse, but we are going to synthesize them in the following categories:


  • Multinational image: Madrid is the headquarter of most multinationals in Spain because it is the capital of the country. It seems logic companies that want to give an international image are going to sign for a second phone number from Madrid.


  • Specific industry: In case the activity of the company is closely related to the city. For example, a retailer that produces Real Madrid FC jumpers.



  • Settling in Spain: In case your company is begging in the Spanish market, a virtual phone number from Madrid will be an awesome tool to gain people’s trust.




Furthermore, we have to take into consideration that not only Spanish companies from other cities that are not Madrid would be interested in as international phone number from the capital, but many foreign companies might want it as well.


This happens particularly with companies in South America. Companies from all around the world might be interested in getting an international phone number from Madrid but especially Latino companies have a higher interest in it because of their business relationships between Spain and Latin America.


Latino companies get benefits from a second number from Madrid because it causes the impression that are big international companies that are both in South America and in Europe. They might want it for making communications with their business partners easier as well.


If you represent a company outside Spain check and who to get a second number from Madrid or from any other country on the list, like for example virtual phone number Mexico.


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