Often companies and people have the need for a second phone line in order to divide calls and to segment clients geographically and many other reasons.

second phone line


What are the reasons to have a second phone line?


The reasons to have a second phone line are quite diverse and because of that we would like to explain them making a distinction between people and companies, since they can be really different.


  • People: Within people the most common reasons to have the need of more phone lines are the following ones:


  • Managing more than one whatsapp account in the same device: Whatsapp is becoming a great ally for people who have online businesses or small companies and who take orders and solve problems via whatsapp. Virtual number Whatsapp is the newest and easiest ways to contact your clients.


  • Personal phone number: Often we see people who are sticked to their phone 24/7, so these people have more than one phone line just in case they need to use more than one phone line at the moment or there is an emergency.


  • All-in same device: The current possibilities allow using more than one phone line in the same telephone. It is very unpractical to carry two phone devices each time you want to use more than one line, now you can have more than one line in the same device.


  • Companies: The reasons why companies need a second phone line can be very diverse, although some of them can be very similar to the reasons why people need them.


  • Clients geographically segmentation: Many companies operate in the whole national territory and they only have one area code phone number. A good solution for them is to get other phone lines with area codes from other cities of the country. For example, a company who sells Belgian chocolate and whose factory is in Germany might want to have another phone line besides its german line, with the Belgium area code. Fonvirtual also offers international phone numbers for companies which operate internationally. 


  • Few companies managed in the same way: Sometimes entrepreneurs have more than one company to manage that need call service. In this case, even though both companies are managed for the same person and have the same way to operate, it might be useful to have a second phone line so each company has its own phone line and there is no confusion for the clientes.


  • Marketing campaigns: When you do more than one marketing campaign, for example when you combine a campaign in Facebook Ads and other in google Adwords, it is highly recommendable to have a different phone number for each campaign so this way you can evaluate of the effectiveness of those campaigns separately.


As you can see there are many reasons to have a second phone line, with Fonvirtual.com you can have your virtual phone line. Find out more about this service in our website. If you have any question contact us or call us to 900 533 075.

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