Secure Transactions: Give Your Credit Card Number by Phone

Smith, Emma

Publish: Friday, Nov 15
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your credit card number by phone

When you first sign up with a new internet service provider, you likely have to give your credit card details over the phone or through their website. Being able to give your credit card number by phone allows you to make transactions from the comfort of your home or any location through a simple phone call.

Anyone who makes a transaction over the phone wants to be sure that the purchase they made is real, reliable, and effective.

Security tips for when you give your credit card number by phone for purchases

  • The first thing to keep in mind when providing your credit card number by phone is that you must know exactly who you are paying and what platform they are using
  • Always keep in mind that the company you are making a purchase from should have a contact number. If you have an issue with the transaction, you should be able to call them for assistance.
  • You should know the status of your transaction throughout the entire process. This includes the time of your purchase, when you requested the order, and a confirmation of the transaction.
  • You should never provide your credit card number by phone if you are unable to receive any of the information above. It could be a potential scam.

How can I get customers to trust giving their card information by phone?

Established companies typically have a telephone billing service, such as the PCI Security System. This system is capable of effectively controlling all charges made by the company. This is one of the safest forms of making a purchase, which helps gain a customer’s trust.

This system contains a security standard that processes, stores and transmits data between the credit card company and the bank where the business account is held. This ensures that the data collected over the phone will be used only for the purpose of the transaction, which prevents fraud.

This system is periodically audited by companies authorized to do so. More than 80,000 transactions are processed each year. Each company is a part of the evaluation process, ensuring safe storage and security. Because of this, consumers can feel safe when giving credit card information over the phone.


your credit card number by phone


How to give card information over the phone securely?

When you give your credit card number by phone, there is other information necessary to complete the transaction. Normally three things are required when making a purchase over the phone:

  1. Card Identification Numbers: These are the numbers listed on the front of your card. This number and its sequence already lets the security system know which credit card company it belongs to. The card number is made up of 4-digit number groups.
  2. First name and last name of the cardholder: The name is usually listed on the front. You should clarify both names, and list any initials if they are also located on the card.
  3. Expiration date: Also on the front, the date is shown as 4 numbers separated in pairs by a dash or a diagonal bar. This is the month and year of expiration.
  4. The security number of the card: This is often located on the back of the card. It consists of a 3-digit number near where the cardholder signs. This code confirms that you have an authentic card in your hands.

Ensuring that your transaction is safe is important for both the consumer and the company that they are making a purchase from. There must be a secure transaction system in which both parties can trust. The automatic relationship established by being able to give your credit card number by phone is vital in eCommerce.

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