Sentiment analysis using AI in call centers

In the business world, customer satisfaction is the key to success and profitability. Successful companies have learned that customer service is an integral part of their business and have invested in technologies to improve the quality of customer experience. Today, sentiment analysis is one of the technologies that companies are using to improve customer experience and increase customer loyalty.

Sentiment analysis is a technique used to identify the emotional tone behind a set of words. It is a technique based on artificial intelligence which uses machine learning algorithms and models to analyze natural language and extract emotional information from it. Sentiment analysis is used to analyze customer opinion and the sentiment behind call center conversations.

Companies can use a tool to understand how their customers feel about their brand, products, and services. This tool allows them to identify patterns and trends in customer language and use this information to improve their experience. In addition, this tool is used to monitor customer satisfaction in real time and take preventive action before complaints become bigger problems.

AI for sentiment analysis by Fonvirtual

At Fonvirtual we have recently incorporated a sentiment analysis tool to your customer service platform. Our tool uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the emotional tone behind customer conversations and provide valuable insights to call center agents and supervisors.

Our sentiment analysis tool is capable of detecting and measuring emotions such as happiness or sadness, using a variety of natural language processing techniques to analyze customers’ language and determine the sentiment behind their words. The results are presented in an easy-to-use dashboard that provides both customer service agents and the supervisor of the call center team with real-time insight into customer sentiment.


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Benefits of sentiment analysis in a call center

The incorporation of this sentiment analysis tool to our customer service platform is a great advantage for companies that seek to improve the customer experience. The tool provides a deeper understanding of customer mood and sentiment in real time, allowing agents to tailor their responses and solutions to the customer’s emotional needs.

In addition, our sentiment analysis tool allows companies to collect valuable data on customer satisfaction and analyze trends and patterns. This information can be used to identify common problems, identify areas for improvement, and adjust customer service strategies to better meet customer needs.

Another advantage of this tool is that it enables companies to pinpoint their most dissatisfied customers and solve their issues before they escalate. With the information provided by the tool, customer service representatives can quickly identify callers who did not express satisfaction and investigate the reasons for their dissatisfaction. The aim is to resolve their concerns proactively, before they become actual problems.


Sentiment analysis in the call center is a valuable tool for companies looking to improve the customer experience. The Fonvirtual sentiment analysis tool is an example of how artificial intelligence can be used to identify the emotional tone behind customer conversations and provide real-time feedback to customer service agents. Adding this tool to Fonvirtual’s customer service platform can help companies collect valuable data on customer satisfaction, identify common issues, and adjust customer service strategies to better meet customer needs. In the end, understanding customer feelings and feedback can assist companies in enhancing their overall experience, which can lead to increased customer loyalty.


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