We all know Skype is one of the most well known apps for online texting, making calls or video calling. It is used for many reasons such as speaking with friends who are abroad, organizing meetings in which you all can connect at the same time, making video calls… Although is possible some people might have problems with the use of it due to, connection problems, device compatibility problems, or maybe because it doesn’t fulfill expectations. Therefore we would like to offer different viable alternatives for those who are more exigent or have found trouble using it for any reason. Some Skype alternatives:


skype alternatives


1.Whatsapp: is the messaging app par excellence. It is a good option for making calls or videocalling. One of its advantages is how extended its use is among people, what would allow having a larger contact list in comparison to Skype. Its use is very simple and similar to Skype’s.


2.Hangouts: Hangouts are the solution Google offers for those who are searching for a videocalling service. Like Skype and on the contrary of Whatsapp, this app allows videocalling and making individual or group calls. It is available for both, Android and IOS. And of course you would be able to use it in your PC.One of its advantages in comparison to Skype is the possibility of sharing broadcast live videos with it.


3.Viber. Viber is a good option for making calls or sending free text messages and pictures. The good audio quality,as long as you have 3G or 4G connection, can be considered an advantage.


4.Facetime: It is only available for Apple devices, it is a great option for the users of the north american giant company. Its use is quite simple and flexible but it is limited since it is just for Apple users.


5.Facebook Messenger: It is Facebook cell phone app. Using it you would be able to make calls and videocalls as well as sharing messages, pictures or videos. Its design is quite attractive and its interface is impeccable.


6.WeChat: it is known as the chinese whatsapp and it counts with 800 millions of users. It is an app which has a great interface, it is easy to use and it is effective. Its services are similar to Skype’s or Whatsapp’s, it offers the possibility of texting, sharing files as well as making individual or group calls and videocalls. In spite of its great potential is not known in western yet, it is strongly incurring.


These 6 apps are great Skype alternatives for those who don’t like Skype or they don’t have the possibility of using it. Besides Skype offers many other services such as the possibility of getting a Skype number, which is actually a local number. People could contact you by calling to that number and you could use it wherever you are. Using this service you could move around the world and your family, your clients or any other person would still be able to reach you, calling to a local number without having to pay more for it. The best alternative of these numbers are the WebRTC lines, which are the most economical and they offer more features.



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