The future is now with the smart virtual PBX. In today’s world, technological advances demand greater changes in business.The aim is to minimize commercial obstacles such as distance and time between businesses and their clients. The ultimate goal is to increase accessibility to their product or services.

This is why we offer smart virtual PBX as a solution. We help you establish an accessible way to to communicate with clients in a much faster and effective way. You can help sort customer issues through the intelligent management system that uses data networks to allow voice communication.


This modern communication system uses WebRTC to facilitate how calls are managed. They provide your company with a more professional image by allowing menu options at the beginning of each call, and HD-quality audio.


How does a smart virtual PBX work?


The smart virtual PBX is cloud-based and allows you to make calls over the internet. All you need to do is be connected to the internet using your cellphone, computer, or tablet in order to make and receive calls. The provider of your phone network will be responsible for the configurations, as well as providing phone numbers for your organization.


At Fonvirtual, we do not sell IP phones or any other physical equipment. However, we do offer an app that you can download that allows you to make and receive calls from any cell phone. Or, you can open up a web browser on your computer and access the software online. Our solutions are totally ubiquitous.


All this facilitates the creation of a personalized telephone system according to your business needs in just a few minutes. You don’t have to be a technical expert in order to manage your phone extensions and features, either. Your phone system can be managed anywhere at anytime.


Your company can also be reached from any location in the world at very low costs thanks to WebRTC technology.


smart virtual PBX


Smart virtual PBX features: 


  • Automated voice over and welcome messages.
  • On-screen caller ID, so that the agent who answers the call can answer the client in a more personalized way.
  • Transfer incoming calls. If the agent is not available, the caller leaves a voicemail. The agent can then call them later at a better time.
  • Call recordings.
  • Free calls between internal extensions.
  • Intelligent routing of incoming calls.
  • Callers can stay on hold with the soothing background music of your choice.
  • Statistical reports on all calls made and received.
  • It has multiple features such as recording the date, time and country of origin of each call. This will allow the client to be attended to in their native language at any time.


What are the advantages of having a smart virtual PBX in your company?


  • Flexibility. A smart virtual PBX allows you to establish communication both inside and outside a company. You can also make international calls.
  • Promotes internal company communication.
  • Minimum initial investment. Cloud services are very affordable.
  • Long distance barriers are no longer an issue.
  • Improves the image and communication methods of your company.
  • Total mobility.  You don’t need to be inside the office all day. You can make business phone calls using your computer, cell phone or tablet.
  • Low national and international call rates.


The success of your company lies in the level of effective communication that is maintained inside and outside. We provide you with flexibility and low costs.


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