There are numerous possibilities to catch and hold your clients’ attention.

One of the most efficient way is social media presence by creating professional accounts. However, note that this is a long-term effort. Your objective will be intensifying the relation with your clients and getting closer to them. Creating a community and interacting with all the members and your followers, will boost your image. We advise you to do your research just like before making any decision. As it happens, the more precisely you can identify your goals and your target audience, the the better you will attract them.

The segmentation will help you find out how to adjust and improve the language of the message you want to communicate. For example if you want to target male students between the age of 15 and 19 years, you have to speak their language using slang and talking about topics they are interested in: sport events, technological innovations etc. It is recommendable to generalize each segment, otherwise it could turn into a time-consuming process.

The social media make it easy to share the content of your website and so make it more visible. Your presence on the Internet and your traffic will increase. The objective is improving your SEO: your positioning on search engines. You will also have to make sure that the content shared on your social media is coherent with your target audience since they are the first ones to read and see it. If the reaction is positive, it will increase your visibility: likes and shares even spread more the content on the Internet.

Now let’s talk about ‘trolls’. What and who are trolls? This word is considered Internet argot. It’s an individual who posts controversial comments on blogs or websites and this way creates conflicts in the comment section. Very often, trolls concentrate on professional blogs and try to spoil the read for other users or discredit a brand.. If an enterprise affected by this kind of activity finds a way to rebound, the users who witness this exchange react positively by liking and augmenting the visibility of the brand even more. Sometimes this could be even the objective of the troll, who beforehand agrees with the website administrators. Unfortunately, the aim is often to damage the reputation of the brand. Be vigilant with negative comments and agitators reacting on your publications. Try to detect if you are dealing with a troll and stay courteous when responding.

Social media presence is very important but the users are advised to use it appropriately and wisely. Why would you create a blog but wouldn’t post anything? Why would you sign up for social media and wouldn’t address your target audience? Why would you publish a quality post and fall into a trap of a troll? The results of using social media presence could be double or nothing. Managing your online accounts is a difficult and time-consuming task which should not be botched. Consulting agencies and professional blogs can help you improve your online skills.