Considering Software Outsourcing? How Remote Staffing Works

Smith, Emma

Publish: Thursday, May 07
software outsourcing

Thinking about software outsourcing? If you are an IT company who wants to grow in the field of software-development, but your IT team has too many things to cope with, then outsourcing software development may be the best option.

Most companies have gained significant success after outsourcing software development worldwide. This results in reducing your hidden costs while allowing companies to focus on their key capabilities.

This article will help you understand the advantages of outsourcing software development and allow you to have an idea about how remote staffing works. Let’s get started!


What is Software Outsourcing?


Software outsourcing is a system of hiring a third party software contractor who can perform software related tasks that can be accomplished in-house.

To develop a complete in-house software application also demands more money and time. And, not every organization has an expanded IT team. In such scenarios, companies look for outsourcing software development.

There are plenty of software development companies in India that help organizations to achieve their larger economies. It also helps to focus on their elemental proficiency without spending an abundant amount of money or crucial time.

As per the Information Services Group, the annual global revenue from information technology outsourcing is estimated between 60 and 70 billion US dollars.


Why do companies go for Software Outsourcing?


Outsourcing software development is a smart choice taken by reputed companies for various significant reasons.

It offers companies with numerous benefits such as reducing costs, strengthening client services as well as maintaining product standards in a restricted budget.

By outsourcing your software services and working with a highly skilled team can surely help in executing temporary projects. It further minimizes the labour costs and improves your development implementation speed.

Now, let’s explore the advantages of software outsourcing.


Cost Savings


Outsourcing can cut costs while reducing your workload. Outsourced labour costs can be reduced by up to 70% compared to similar labour performed in-house in Europe or North America.

You do not need to make any beforehand investment, which makes software development projects more alluring.

Most of the businesses must concentrate on their finances. Taking help from an experienced, software development company will guide you in managing your development costs.

Not only, this will eliminate your IT recruitment budget, but freelancers will cost less than paying someone a salary.

You can also purchase services for different software that will allow you to improve customer service, such as Fonvirtual’s Call Center Software.




When you choose outsourcing, then you do not have to spend your crucial time hiring or training employees for the projects. In addition, you don’t have to stress over scaling your employees in case your labour size changes according to plan.

Therefore, you and your team can focus on the critical tasks that are most important to run your business and the software development process.

Hence, more money can be invested in sales, marketing, and other business development.

Besides, you will also have the freedom to work on a project-to-project basis, so there is no pressure to put your developers on the payroll after the product is completed.


Time Savings


In this cut-throat digital world where there is no room for any error, market momentum is essential. Having an experienced and devoted software development team will save you much time.

The high-grade project management will help your products to be ready for the clients leading to your brand provocation.




A 2018 survey of US CIOs showed how difficult it is to find the right IT talent in today’s market. You have immediate access to some of the best and talented IT and technology professionals.

Since your outsourcing company will also specialize in the field, they can ensure that your projects are done favorably and professionally.

Now, this added advantage will allow your organization to initiate software development faster, reduce mistakes, and deliver a high quality tested software product to the users in much less time.


Acquiring Domain Knowledge


Expanding into new markets has become essential growth strategies for today’s ambitious businesses. When you can start with one idea for a useful app, working with creative software experts is sure to keep your eyes open for emerging opportunities.

Influential software outsourcing companies with multi-disciplinary expanded development teams facilitate a wide variety of competence centers such as JavaScript, React Native, and .NET so that they can easily balance your enterprise for further expansion.


Meeting Clients Expectations


Without the most profound knowledge of your clients’ wants, requirements, and expectations, your website may fall short of success.

You must take help from the outsourcing company to reach out to the target customer. By taking the time to engage in personality development, you can better understand your intended audience, so you build software projects that your customers desire.


Expanding and Mounting Team Skills


Outsourcing Software development authorizes you to scale your team’s skill sets and costs up and down when required.

If your budget should go into other areas, or you suddenly need a larger team to achieve your project goals or increase your home team, then you have the freedom to let your experts go. Or quickly add professionals to your lineup of experts in other areas of competence.


software outsourcing


Let’s see How to make Remote Staffing Work


Demand for remote employees is increasing with each passing year. Now it’s the time for dynamic, versatile workers who live miles away from where their employers are to outshine and make a difference.

Globally, there are thousands of people in the world which you can hire. There are many hiring platforms available in the industrial market that makes it easier for employers to recruit talented professionals.

However, you need to know precisely how to make remote staffing work in favor of you.


Try to make effective communication 


The secret to hiring online workers who will get the job done is by following execution that will increase your chances of finding the ideal hires.

To accomplish this, you must clearly describe what you want your future potential employees to do.

You should be clear about what skills they should have, what kind of job they should be expected to do and how much you are prepared to pay them.


Specify clear expectations


You must set clear expectations even before your remote staff starts working. There is a high probability that your new remote team may be doing well initially but will gradually slip away from the quality of their work.

Therefore, you should set clear expectations right from the beginning.


Follow up often and provide the training


It is a great idea to check on your workers continually. You should investigate attendance issues and ensure that there is a good working relationship between your employees and you.


Provide supportive feedback


Paying your remote employees is not enough. You should also check them from time to time so that you can build trust for a long-term working relationship.

Your hires are worth knowing where they stand in the company, and they also deserve managers who will listen to their ideas, so that they can manage and consider ways to improve their work.


Bottom Line


The above article describes how software outsourcing can work wonders for your organization. The most important and perhaps the problematic thing is to choose the best professional.

Therefore, you can hire software developers who are talented enough to make things easier for you as choosing a good professional will assure you a quality product.

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