In any company, making the right decisions involves analyzing the data obtained during processes. Perhaps this can be easy when we are talking, for example, about quantitative data such as the number of calls or messages we have received in our virtual PBX. But what about indicators such as customer satisfaction?

In this case, it is such a broad and abstract concept that it is not always possible to use it to make the right decisions. However, it is one of the most important elements when ensuring quality in customer service. That is why elements such as speech analytics have arrived to address this challenge.

In this article we want you to learn about the role that voice analytics systems play in customer satisfaction, a technology with great potential but still unknown for many companies.

What is speech analytics?

Speech analytics is a technology supported by Artificial Intelligence to provide a full transcript of the conversation and identify elements such as language, customer emotions and even gender.

To obtain this information, it uses an ASR system or “Automatic Speech Recognition”, which is based on a series of algorithms for recognising sound patterns contained in people’s speech, and then processes them and transforms them into text. Thus, the agent will be able to visualize this information while talking to the customer. This technology makes the analysis of voice conversations easier, as it transforms an element that at first glance is not quantifiable into data that allows the company to make better decisions.


What are the advantages of speech analytics?

In addition to improving the quality of our customer service and improving decision making, speech analytics can provide other benefits to businesses:

    • Enables personalized customer service: voice analytics provides a better understanding of customers. By detecting certain patterns in the customer’s voice and providing real-time information about elements such as mood or language, the agent can get an idea of what steps he must take to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Improve the quality of service: thanks to this function, it is possible to identify the causes that hinder customer’s experience. It also allows us to identify, based on their mood, the customer’s opinion in real time about the product or service. In this way, we will know whether what we offer meets their needs or not.
  • It makes it easier for calls to be solved on the first contact: the combination of voice analytics with tools such as a supervisor panel, which we will talk about later, makes it possible to monitor calls to detect which processes are working best and which ones are not. All of this allows for process improvement and optimisation of customer service, ensuring that, in the future, queries are solved quickly and even without needing a second call.
  • Optimize agent training: in customer service, it is essential to provide agents with the right training so that they can provide good service and transmit the right message. In this sense, voice analytics, along with other functionalities such as call whispering or three-way calling, can be very useful. Analyzing the transcripts of specific conversations, the recording of the conversation or the mood (both of the customer and the agent), can help the company to observe key points in the agent’s training and thus optimize the process.

How to get the most out of speech analytics?

The voice analytics systems are usually integrated in the virtual PBX, such as the one that Fonvirtual offers. With it, you will be able to visualize in real time the customer’s mood, their language, their gender and, of course, the transcript of the call.

This can be very useful for agents, but it is even more useful for companies. From the supervisor panel it is possible, in addition to obtaining information about each employee (if they are available or not, their location…), you will have access to the history of their conversations with customers. You will be able to view and download call transcripts, as well as listen in real time or check the recordings to find out if the service has been adequate.

As mentioned above, this can be key to training employees, but above all to ensure customer satisfaction by detecting whether everything is working correctly according to the quality standards we have set.

In short, having technologies such as voice analytics in our communications solution provides a unique opportunity for companies to differentiate themselves and support customer service. If you want to know more about these and other features that you can have in your virtual PBX, do not hesitate to contact us. We will give you all the information you need to get the most out of your communications.

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