If you are a former customer affected by the closure of Spoka, you have come to the right place. At Fonvirtual, we know how important telephone service is to your business. This is why we want to offer you the best alternative for your telephone services.

Don’t stress about losing your landline phone number after Spoka closes. With Fonvirtual, you can keep your current fixed phone number. You will always be the owner of your phone number.


You also won’t need any additional materials. Fonvirtual’s services work with WebRTC technology. This gives you the possibility to access your lines from any internet connected device, anywhere in the world. You can make and receive business calls from a cell phone, computer, IP desk phone, or tablet, just to name a few.


You will only pay a fixed monthly or annual amount with unlimited and free call reception. You will receive an outgoing calls phone plan adapted to your business needs. There are no fixed contracts. You can also ask for more extensions at any time. Fonvirtual is a flexible and adaptable alternative for your company’s growth.


Enjoy video conferencing services that do not require any installations. They are available on all of your devices. By simply sharing a link to your conference, you can have online meetings and webinars in HD quality, wherever you are! There’s no limit on the number of participants.


You can also communicate with your coworkers through a chat room. Create groups, share documents, and make direct video conferences all from the same chat room.


Need more options for billing your customers? Now you can receive payments by credit card over the phone! Using this alternative, you can offer your customers a faster and much more secure payment option. The automatic system works with artificial intelligence using Fonvirtual’s telephone POS terminal service and processes your customers’ banking data directly to the bank, without any human intervention.


Stay connected with WebRTC. Fonvirtual’s services work with WebRTC, which is an open-code system developed by Google that offers high-quality calls and stable phone connections.


Now with the closure of Spoka and switching to Fonvirtual, your supervisor will have a panel where they can access the status of each agent at any time. They will have the ability to listen in on phone conversations. They may also intervene when an agent needs assistance, without the caller being able to hear what the supervisor is saying.


By contracting Fonvirtual as an alternative, you can start taking advantage of some of the best features offered by a phone service. This includes greeting messages, configuring schedules, create an options menu, and more. You will also have complete control over your phone system thanks to statistical reports on your call data, as well as call recording. All features are included at Fonvirtual!




Interested? Feel free to send us your Spoka invoice at sales@fonvirtual.com and we will make you a personalized offer so that you can continue to use your current phone number using the best possible services.


Change for the better, switch to Fonvirtual! The most effective alternative.