Provide Training and Incentives through a VoIP call center

In order for you to be able to provide an effective outbound campaign using a VoIP Call center, you will need to have a very sound team of highly motivated agents. Careful hiring is a very crucial step in that direction. There are certain preexisting skills that make a good agent, nut such skills should be refined by the use of training, and should be motivated by the use of incentives.

Such incentives should be both short-term and longer-term, in order to encourage continued excellence amongst the agents. This should include everything from conducting daily competitions which may carry small prizes, to commissions that can be based on quarterly or monthly performances.

The most important thing is to motivate via metrics, not fear. The KPIs which should have been already decided early on in the strategizing phase should be made the basis for the payoffs, since the promise of a reward ends up being a far healthier motivator than the threat of retribution.

How to keep the clients engaged with the VoIP call center?

The very defining moment for your VoIP call center strategy, or what is the same, your  Call center software strategy is, not surprisingly, the very first actual phone call. Besides this, the manner is very crucial, even with a sound foundation of a qualified list of potential customers.

There are tons of resources available on the most efficient ways in acing the cold calls, survey calls, warm calls and every other type of call known to mankind. So well, here we present to you a checklist so that you can ensure that your outbound call is a success.


VoIP call center


  • Just grab their attention


The very start of the call that you make through the VoIP call center (or another telecom service) is of utmost importance. If an agent does not pique the interest of the prospect, the latter will not lose much if they just simply hang up the call. Always call the prospect by their name, show them that you have an interest in them, in their situation and their betterment is your goal. Do not make the mistake of centering the whole conversation around yourself.


  • Make them feel like they are valued


Immediately make the prospect feel as if you are calling them through the VoIP call center for a reason. Do mention something that you know about their business which is relevant to your end goal. That is why it is extremely important to have done your homework and only work with the qualified leads about which you already have some measure of intelligence.


  • Be a bit mindful of their time


Time is the most valued currency there is. Show to the prospect that you really do value their time as much as they do. Ask them how much time they have before you launch into your pitch, and be direct.


  • Do not make false promises


The initial call that you make from your VoIP call center  is considered successful if you manage to whip up the enthusiasm with the prospect. However, especially if the call is going well, so resist the temptation to rush in a blaze of glory. If you make a commitment to a prospect before you understand the situation clearly, and you cannot follow through with actions, you have lost the trust of that prospect forever.


  • Make sure you set up a follow-up meeting


Once you have the prospect’s interest, then quickly set a time for the subsequent beating while the iron is still hot. This way, you’ll end the call on a real high note and will be able to prepare the follow-up call properly. You’ll come off as more knowledgeable and professional, which will definitely bode well for a prospective client.

Now you know all the keys to engage your clients through a VoIP call center. Contact Fonvirtual for more information about this WebRTC service!


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