What is the organizational structure of a contact center like?

Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Dec 09

In this article we will show you the details about how a contact center can be structured; the different types of possible organization and which one you should choose. In addition, you will know why it is so important to have the structure of a contact center well organized when it comes to managing your company’s calls.

The importance of organizing the contact center

A contact center is a platform that is composed of a team of professionals who handle customer communications. Of course, these people know how to do their job, the problem comes when it is not clear what position you have and what functions you have to perform. When the structure of a contact center is not defined, conflicts may arise between the parties involved in this communication process. Usually misunderstandings occur between the client and the agent, or also between the agents themselves, as they do not have, for example, clearly established roles for each one.

Types of structures for a contact center

There are several structures in which a contact center can be organized. All this will depend on the size of the company, the teams that compose the contact center, the business structure, etc. Mainly we can differentiate between a bureaucratic structure and an organic or autonomous team structure.

  • Bureaucratic structure

This structure is advisable for large teams organized vertically. It is normally used for more mechanized processes and where greater control of the agent is required. We can describe this structure as an organizational chart at the apex of which is the general management of the contact center; it is the decision area of the contact center. From it comes the areas of project management, commercial and planning. There is usually a focal point that will be in charge of coordinating and guiding the contact center staff. It is also common for them to be in charge of monitoring team performance, as well as workloads, absenteeism, etc. Those who are in charge of implementing action plans and directly influencing the results are the supervisors. Supervisors and coordinators would form the middle line of command. Below the supervisors we find the teams, which are basically groups of agents who are in the front line, and their main function is to communicate, either with customers or any other agent in the company environment.

  • Organic or autonomous equipment structure

The organization of the contact center by autonomous teams provides greater flexibility when carrying out the activity. The contact center would be organized horizontally, that is, its agents would be specialized in a specific field. All this translates into a greater performance of the employee, since the parallel departments to which the employee belongs are reduced, and the different vertical rules to which it would be subordinated in a bureaucratic structure. At the same time, the work teams cooperate with each other, and thanks to the autonomy provided to them, the agents are free to make decisions on their own and solve problems in the way they find better, without depending on a superior to order them to do so. All this helps the contact center improve its performance and make customer service more quality. But it is also true that there are contradictions in this type of structure. The degree of control over the actors is not very high, and in large organizations it can be difficult to find where the failures have occurred. structure-contact-center

Contact center technology

At Fonvirtual, we have the necessary tools so that you can develop your contact center activity as effectively as possible. Our contact center software gives you the opportunity to supervise your agents, monitor their activity and obtain information to conduct audits. It also counts with integration solutions, for example with CRM, so you can unify all the information flows of your company and provide better customer service. All this from a software in the cloud with which you can work from anywhere, thanks to the new webRTC telephony, the only thing you will need is a device with Internet connection.

Advantages of working with webRTC technology for Fonvirtual contact center

In addition to those already mentioned, we can highlight the following benefits of switching to webRTC technology developed by Google:

  • Ubiquity of your agents, as they can connect from anywhere in the world and with the device they want, with the only requirement to have an internet connection.
  • You will be able to offer an international service thanks to the availability of numberings of any country you need to offer a local image in the destination.
  • You will have flexibility when managing and organizing the software according to your needs, with simple configurations and no installations.
  • You will have it all in the cloud. You won’t have to rely on devices to access the software. For example, if you have to work from home you will not have to take the computer or tablet from the office, but you will be able to use your personal one if you prefer.
  • Superior video and sound quality. Quality automatically adjusts to any type of connection.
  • Security for your internal and external communications. All communications that occur are encrypted.

If you still have doubts, we can offer you more details about this topic. Our team will be happy to advise you, so that if you decide, you can have a personalized contact center service adapted to the needs of your business.

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