Why is supervising calls and messages important for customer service?

Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Nov 24

We constantly hear and repeat that customers are undoubtedly the most valuable asset of any organization. In this sense, we must ensure that their satisfaction is placed at the center of all our actions, especially when it comes to serving them and solving their doubts. For this reason, all companies strive to meet the expectations of an increasingly demanding consumer, trying to ensure a fast, efficient and quality service.

When it comes to customer service, making sure that everything is running smoothly is essential, as this is what can make the difference between a customer being willing to return to our company or going to a competitor. Fortunately, nowadays we have a wide range of tools that allow us not only to satisfy customers’ needs properly, but also to supervise that everything is working as planned.

In this article we want to give you 4 reasons why supervising calls and messages in your company is important and how you can do it.

Why is supervision important in customer service?

In addition to guaranteeing the quality of the service provided by your agents, call and message control in customer service has the following arguments in its favour:

  • It allows you to know your customers better: to adequately meet the needs of customers, it is essential to know what they expect from us. Thus, analyzing the interactions we have with them allows us to design the profile of our consumers, not only current, but also potential, since with proper segmentation we can detect which users can become customers.
  • Increases the conversion rate: related to the above, supervising calls and messages allows agents to offer personalized attention according to each customer. In this way, if the agent knows what the customer expects at all times, it is much easier to guide them through the buying process, offering them products adapted to their needs, improving their experience and, therefore, their satisfaction. With this, we will be encouraging consumers to trust our company again and contributing to their loyalty.
  • It allows us to detect strengths and weaknesses: by supervising calls and messages, we can detect what we are doing correctly and what we need to improve. This way, we can guarantee an optimal and quality service at all times.
  • It helps to train employees: the best way to learn is in real conditions, and for this reason, we all go through the training period in any company. In these moments, the supervisor’s profile is fundamental, as it is essential to monitor the development of conversations to detect possible mistakes that help the new employee to improve and to face situations that at the beginning he/she probably doesn’t know how to handle. If we go one step further, analyzing the conversations can help the continuous training of older employees.


How can you supervise calls and messages?

There are different ways to control the quality of the calls received in your call center software. Here are a few ideas:

  • Through the call center supervisor profile: with Fonvirtual’s call center software you will have access anywhere to a supervisor panel with which you will be able to control all aspects of customer service. In addition to supervising calls and messages, among supervisory duties we find:
    • Being able to change the status of each extension: in case an agent is busy with another matter and has not changed its status to “unavailable”, the supervisor will be able to do it so that there is no unattended conversation and the quality of the service is not affected.
    • Know where the employees are: it allows you to geolocate each of the extensions at all times, which can be very useful for the time control required by current legislation.
    • Access to transcripts of calls and messages: sometimes, it is likely that we forget some information that is important to ensure optimal customer service. So, in addition to the agents, the call center supervisor will have access to the transcripts to check that everything has been done correctly.
    • Monitoring, whispering or a three-way conversation: this function can be very useful, not only to check in real time how the conversation is going, but also to train new employees.
  • Conducting telephone surveys: it is always advisable to know directly what the customer thinks about the service. Thus, it is becoming increasingly common for companies, after the call, to conduct a survey in which they ask users to rate the service received. With them, we can obtain valuable information, since we will not only know what causes the customer to be dissatisfied, but also what has exceeded their expectations. Thanks to telemarketing softwares, this task can be done automatically, leaving the information recorded at all times.
  • Analyzing statistics: the supervisor will also have access to the statistics of the interactions, which will be kept for a period of 12 months. With them, he/she will be able to obtain reports about the number of missed calls, answered calls…, which can be used to improve the service.
  • Using call recording: all calls, both incoming and outgoing, will be recorded in the call center software. They can be accessed both by the agents from their own extension and by the call center supervisor. This is a very useful feature for telephone call supervision, as you can see the specific content of a given conversation and evaluate the quality of the conversation. At this point, it is important to say that, according to current legislation, it is necessary to warn that the conversation will be recorded to control the quality of it.

For the proper functioning of the customer service department of our company, it is essential to have the right resources, not only in terms of handling interactions, but also their control and measurement. With this, we will ensure that everything is fulfilled based on the quality standards that we have set. For this reason, in Fonvirtual we offer you our call center software, which will allow you to access your panel and supervise the calls and messages received by your agents in real time at any time and anywhere.

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