In recent years, and especially as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, to automate business processes has become a priority and essential practice for today’s companies. Through it, it is possible to carry out repetitive tasks in a short time that, if performed manually by agents, can waste their time and divert their attention from those that require more attention and can bring greater value to the company.

In this sense, automation offers great benefits, not only for the organization of the company, but also for the customer experience, since, with the right tools, it allows a fast and personalized service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Today we want you to get to know some of them. Therefore, in this post we show you the key technologies that we have in Fonvirtual to automate your business processes, as well as how to implement them efficiently to improve the performance of your company.

What is automating a business process?

We could define process automation as the use of technology to perform manual, repetitive and easy tasks or activities, allowing the company, among many other things, to optimize its processes, improve its efficiency, personalize customer experiences and improve decision-making. 

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been key in this process, through process automation tools such as chatbots or callbots, whose implementation has made it possible to alleviate the burden on human agents and improve communication with users, optimizing the company’s performance.

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How can you automate your business processes?

As we said before, process automation can bring great benefits if we have the right systems in place. Next, we will tell you about the tools that we offer you in Fonvirtual to automate your communication process with your customers:

Automate your business processes through Conversational Artificial Intelligence systems

“Conversational AI” is a discipline based on a set of technologies that allow devices and applications to communicate with people using natural languages, either through text messages as in the case of chatbots, or through voice as in the case of callbots.

Conversational AI uses different principles, such as machine learning and natural language processing to analyze the meaning of the sentence, understand it and then be able to elaborate human-like responses.

Thanks to the conversational AI system offered by Fonvirtual you will be able to automate your business processes thanks to functionalities such as:

  1. Personalize interactions with customers, allowing you to interact more efficiently24 hours a day and in the language they prefer.
  2. Communicate naturally with your customers through the channel they choose, be it voice, web chat or WhatsApp, thanks to the combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and our omnichannel platform. 
  3. Improve customer service, through a better knowledge of customers and quickly identifying the user.
  4. Greater knowledge of customers and their requests, which facilitates the promotion of products tailored to their needs. 
  5. Serving users in the right way and at the right time, improving your results.

Automate your business processes through chatbots

A chatbot or conversational robot is an Artificial Intelligence system that communicates with customers in real time via text messages. Normally, these services are usually incorporated in instant messaging applications or in a web chat to facilitate contact through a button inserted in the company’s website. 

Among the multiple functions of the chatbot we provide in Fonvirtual to automate your business processes, we find the possibility of offering online assistance without interruptions during 24 hours and in any language, reducing resolution times, or digitizing processes, avoiding the saturation of human agents and improving customer service.

In addition, these can be applied to different tasks that favor the automation of business processes, such as:

  1. Scheduling or cancellation of appointments or reservations. 
  2. Transferring incidents.
  3. Modification of user data. 
  4. Order tracking. 
  5. Management of returns and exchanges.
  6. Consult the status of flights, services, orders or invoices. 
  7. Assistance during the purchase process. 

Automate your business processes through callbots

Callbots are a system that uses Artificial Intelligence to answer calls and maintain a conversation with the company’s customers in the same way as a human would. By using callbots, agents are freed from repetitive tasks that can be easily automated, allowing them to focus on other tasks that require more concentration.

With callbots, you can improve customer service in several ways:

  1. Identifying the mood, gender or language of the caller.
  2. Verifying the identity of users thanks to the voice biometrics system to avoid possible identity frauds.
  3. Collecting your customers’ data and offering them personalized answers.
  4. Efficiently managing your customers’ appointments and bookings by integrating our platform with your appointment management software to automate this process.
  5. You will be able to charge your customers during a phone call in a secure way. 
  6. Reducing waiting times.

The importance of choosing the best tools to automate your business processes

As you can see, automating your business processes is key to increase the company’s performance, as well as to improve customer service, being able to offer them a more personalized and tailored treatment, without the need to overload human agents with relatively simple processes that can be carried out by Artificial Intelligence. 

For this reason, it is very important to choose the right technologies to automate business processes, as well as to select the right supplier of these technologies. This is the reason why in Fonvirtual we strive every day to offer the best solutions for your company, as we are aware of the importance of providing the best service to our customers, so that they can make their company a better project in which to achieve their goals and maximize their returns.

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