New technology for your call center

Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Mar 27

Using the right technology helps your agents work more efficiently and productively, delivering an exceptional experience to your customers. In recent months, we have seen the emergence of new ways to improve the service provided by call centers, thanks to the great advances in artificial intelligence. In this article, we are going to review the technological innovations offered by Fonvirtual to keep your call center software updated and thus improve the customer experience and the efficiency of your team.

Solutions to improve service in call centers

Implementing our call center software will allow you to improve your customers’ experience by integrating voice, instant messaging or video communication channels and greatly facilitating the work of your agents.

Automatic call distribution

The ACD, that is, the automatic call distribution software, is a tool that allows you to locate the ideal agent to answer this type of call based on their “skills” in the shortest possible time. In the event that there are no appropriate agents available, it has the ability to keep calls in a waiting queue until an agent is available, managing the queue size and priority according to the configuration defined in each case. The system detects the reason for the call and can route it to a group of specific human agents or a virtual agent.

Real-time monitoring

The monitoring system is a very powerful tool in call centers for several important reasons. First of all, it allows people designated as supervisors to see the status of the agents, act on their status and configuration or listen to conversations in real time when they consider it necessary. In addition, they will have the possibility of advising agents to improve the interaction between agent and customer during the call without customers realizing that there is a third person intervening in the conversation.

In addition to these functions, the monitoring system offers other features that make it even more valuable. For example, it allows supervisors to disconnect and connect agents as needed, provides the ability to view agent locations, offers real-time call transcription, allowing detailed analysis of customer interactions .

Furthermore, if you have contracted the AI ​​module, you will be able to enjoy a powerful dashboard based on conversational artificial intelligence that will allow you to evaluate the performance of your agents, know the topics covered, attitude, sentiment analysis, etc. etc

Customer Relationship Management

CRM is an essential technology for call centers, as it allows you to store customer records and access information to offer efficient service. With Fonvirtual technology, all the information available from each interaction with the client will be uploaded to their file in your CRM, which will open automatically when you identify the number from which the call is made. In this way, you will have a summary of each conversation held with the customer, the agent who assisted them, as well as the level of customer satisfaction through a call analysis, where you can see if the customer was satisfied or not. Additionally, the system provides summaries, recordings, tags and other relevant data. Thanks to this technology, the company will have at its disposal all the necessary information to truly know its client and offer exceptional service in a simple and fast way.

Real-time call translation

This innovative tool allows your agents to communicate with clients who speak languages ​​other than their own, as it offers the possibility of translating the conversation in real time. That is, if your agent speaks Spanish and the client speaks French, the agent can advise on the service or report on new developments in Spanish, while the client listens to him in French, and vice versa.

Telephone charge

The telephone billing feature is a powerful tool that allows your agents to charge customers during a call in compliance with PCI regulations. Imagine a scenario where a user calls interested in obtaining information about the service your company offers. After a conversation with the agent, the customer decides to purchase the service. Thanks to this functionality, your agent can easily process the payment during the same call, incorporating a new client into the company quickly and easily. This process increases the effectiveness and productivity of your sales team.

call center technology

Valuable information for call centers thanks to AI

Artificial Intelligence is an important development in the technology for your call center. Thanks to it, companies have at their disposal the sentiment analysis of the calls, the transcriptions and recordings of the calls, as well as summaries of the conversations. All this information is saved in your CRM so that, when the customer calls your company, their file is opened and the agent can see all the information corresponding to past conversations. It is important to keep in mind that we do all of this with our own systems, so the data does not leave our company, thus increasing your privacy.

  • Call recording: Call recording offers the possibility of being able to reproduce what was said in a conversation in case of a problem. Additionally, this tool can serve as a practical resource by providing concrete examples of high-quality calls that can be used to train new employees.
  • Call analysis: Fonvirtual’s artificial intelligence makes it possible for both the agent and the supervisor to observe the level of call satisfaction in real time. This allows the agent to adjust their cues or tone as needed. Additionally, the supervisor has the ability to filter based on this parameter and many others to, for example, identify those agents who may be performing poorly in customer service, allowing them to provide them with the necessary tools to improve their statistics.
  • Real-time conversation summary and tagging: Our real-time summaries give you a clear and brief view of the conversation that has occurred with the customer. With this system, it will no longer be necessary to listen to entire recordings, as you will be able to quickly identify any specific moment in the conversation that you need to review.

Choosing the right technology for your call center not only allows you to offer better customer service, but also increases the efficiency of your team.


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