The telecommunications sector has a promising future thanks to the constant development of sophisticated products and services and its close relationship with the Internet. We have heard more than once about Blockchain and WebRTC server, among others, as the future in the cloud era. And it is evidence that the presence of intelligent objects that expand their functions thanks to their connection to the Internet is becoming more latent.

If you want to be up-to-date with the latest news and its application in the communications sector, we are going to present to you in a clear and concise way the “must-have” ones so that you do not fall behind.


The arrival of 5G

The 5G is the new connection, for now only implemented in some areas of North America, that promises a revolution in the sector. The study ensures that the speed will be 10 times the current 4G, allowing an ultralow latency (return of data), support for the Internet of Things, and the best use of bandwidth

The data that this novelty will offer to companies and operators will be considered a key for user behavior, managing network resources and offering a connection with a low frequency but that will always be connected.

In terms of its impact on WebRTC, this fifth generation will mean an increase in signal clarity, speed charging, and reliability. In addition, video conferences will increase their quality making them much more attractive. This network improvement will allow solutions that we have not imagined yet.


WebRTC server technology

WebRTC server technology is an open source system developed by Google that allows communication through the web in audio and video. You can use it through your browser without downloading anything or making any extensions. You can connect from your computer, but it is also possible to use this technology from your smartphone or tablet.

There is no need for investments in telephones or any other type of equipment as it operates through the web. All you need is your username and password and the Internet connection. It is important to emphasize that the call will have an HD quality and without traditional problems such as echoes, metallic sounds or delays in communication.

The applications of this technology are ideal for the telecommunications sector since it offers WebRTC server lines, virtual PBX function, and web conferences. Ensuring secure and efficient communication that also allows you to save costs.






The Blockchain is the system on which the Bitcoin virtual currency is established. It is a great virtual accounting book made up of blocks that come together, and are shared among a multitude of agents. It is considered the agile, cheap and decentralized accounting, which makes the action of the centralizing entities unnecessary.

The book is the chain of blocks, composed of sheets (each sheet is a block) in which transactions are recorded and validated. In each block, information from the previous one is saved, so an order of blocks is established. To insert or remove a block you have to break the whole chain, which makes the modification difficult.

Blockchain applications are varied, you can make transfers at any time, and without intermediaries, you can make electronic voting in an election, the record of public administration expenses and many other useful actions.

In telecommunications, it will be a great advance to have Blockchain not only for the security it offers when it comes to exchanging information but also for the opportunity to make transactions directly without the need for an intermediary.


Big Data

The amount of data and information circulating on the Internet has been increasing in a fast-paced way. That is why now we need new tools to consult this information because the ones we already had are obsolete. That is where the Big Data appears.

The Big Data is able to process a greater volume of data at a higher speed and with a wide variety of them allowing an accumulation of data that can be very useful. The most important of these data collections is to give them utility, eliminate all the “junk information” and use the data of interest to save costs and improve the service. It can deliver important information in fields such as science, health, commerce, security …

Telecommunications companies with the incorporation of Big Data will be able to understand their clients in a better way since they will have valuable insights that will allow them to be more successful when dealing with potential clients.

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