The so-called Covid-19, or more commonly known as Coronavirus, is wreaking havoc on company policy at a global scale. Businesses around the world are taking extraordinary measures in the face of crisis and uncertainty.


The most affected country, as well as the focus of the Coronavirus is China, a world economic and technological superpower. For this reason, large companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Morgan Stanley, etc. have decided to close their offices in affected places and are relying on working from home.


In addition, the virus is no longer located just in Asia. Within the last week, there has been cases appearing all over Europe, with the most rapid spread of the virus occurring in Italy. The epicentre of the contagion in Italy is taking place in Lombardy, an area of Italian production. There have also been cases in larger cities such as Milan, Venice or Rome. Many large businesses in Italy have decided to close their doors and work remotely, such as Heineken and Armani.


Faced with situations like the Coronavirus, or like any other epidemic or adverse weather situation, technology is on your side. The digitization of companies is a great competitive advantage in these situations because they will be able to cope with the crisis with solutions such as telecommuting.


Telecommuting in the face of the crisis


Epidemics and times of crisis change the way we work. The coronavirus has led a boom in telecommuting, especially due to the large number of people currently in quarantine or who are at risk of being infected. This has now become a major global experiment in remote work, as millions of companies have chosen this solution.




Telecommuting is a great business advance and is possible thanks to solutions such as those offered by Fonvirtual with its Call Center or Virtual PBX. Thanks to these tools, daily work tasks can be performed from any device connected to the internet, including online meetings, “virtual” calls via voice or video conferencing. You may also send internal documents, thus reducing the probability of exposure and infection of the coronavirus.


Thus, companies have the perfect solution to adapt telecommuting to their workforce and workspaces easily. This implies a new relationship between employees and the employer, as well as relations between companies and customers.


Benefits of Adopting Remote Work in your company


First of all, it is worth mentioning the cost savings, both for the company and for the workers, since it will not be necessary to invest in office space or equipment during this time, and the employees will save time and costs in travelling.


Furthermore, according to a recent study by Flexjobs, telecommuting is synonymous with worker productivity. This form of work, which is sometimes rejected by companies because of the distrust it can imply for the employer, is now presented as a great opportunity and necessity for companies.


Secondly, it allows employees to be in continuous communication with each other, being able to share information, establishing online meetings, and more. This improves amount productivity and collaboration in the company, leading to better results.


The same happens in relations with the company’s clients. Thanks to the new communication tools and new technologies, the company will not lose any client, and will reinforce their current relations, even when the employees are working remotely.



Fonvirtual: The telecommuting solution for you


Fonvirtual offers a virtual solution to facilitate telecommuting in the face the crisis of the coronavirus. Our solutions work with WebRTC technology, which allows communication in the cloud, with no extra costs.


It is an open source software that is accessible from any browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.), from any device, and from anywhere in the world. That way, workers will be able to connect to the software from home in an easy way, being able to receive and make voice and video calls and even share documents over the internet. In addition, the sound and image quality is impeccable and the connection time is significantly reduced compared to other applications or plug-ins.


Which tools and features are available?


Fonvirtual offers many essential tools and features to make remote work easier and more efficient. Firstly, through the virtual PBX or Call Center, you will have powerful software to manage your calls, both incoming and outgoing, automatically. With this, you will have numerous features such as call statistics, timetables, voice mail, caller ID, etc.


In addition, Fonvirtual’s video conferencing service is a key tool for holding online meetings with your team. You can invite your team or clients to join an online meeting with a simple click, or share your screen with your colleagues in the middle of a video call to share documents instantly.


On the other hand, the integration of telephony with different CRMs will allow you to manage the information of all your customers on a cloud platform, which is accessible to all employees.


In conclusion, technology is key for companies when facing epidemics such as the Coronavirus crisis, as well as the adversities that have appeared in the business world. For this reason, millions of companies have already opted for telecommuting as a solution to the virus spreading.


At Fonvirtual, we want to offer you an efficient and tailor-made solution to make telecommuting as simple as possible. That way, employees will be able to work from home, increasing their productivity with the tools and features offered by Fonvirtual. They may also hold meetings with those in charge to coordinate the upcoming change in company policy.

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