Telemarketing began in the 1960s in the telecommunications sector, so it can be said to have a long history of innovation in this sector. These advances in telemarketing services began with telephone lines, and have later been joined by new technologies. These new technologies have tried to promote the idea of globalization, for this reason, our call center solution is created online, becoming the last step to reach the telemarketing services of today.

These services are no longer dependent on call restrictions due to very high prices,  instead, increase connections between all countries. This helps to improve business abroad as well, which allows us to offer a good call service.

The idea of telemarketing is to answer the calls in an orderly manner. The objective is not to lose any customer and to attend everyone in the best possible way.


Online telemarketing: Call center solution



call center solution

This new telemarketing service works online, so you do not need any physical installation, you just need to connect to the network to start communicating. Therefore, you can even apply these call center from home, or from any other place you want, with this you can get the service in a comfortable and simple way.

What quality do these call center solution provide when compared to other systems? The answer is that the quality of these calls is unbeatable, as Google’s WebRTC system works perfectly.

If for whatever reason, this system has an error, the company can assign a professional to the position of the call manager. This will be able to monitor that the agents are answering the calls properly, and resolve any questions at that time.

All calls are made with call center technology, the information related to calls is stored in the cloud and can be accessed later thanks to the service features, such as call recording. In this system, we can find two fundamental tools that are IVR and ACD.

First, the IVR system’s main function is to perform the automatic voice over service, which detects the language in which you should speak, your location and the time of the call.

This system asks some questions to the client, in order to be able to direct the consultation to the agent who is more in touch with your question. Throughout this process, a functionality called call queue is used, which allows all calls to be answered in a pre-configured order.

All this information provided by the IVR system complements the ACD, with this tool is administered to the company’s agents, dividing them according to their strengths and weaknesses. In this way, the calls are intelligently forwarded to the most accurate operators for the questions posed to the company.

The leading company in this innovative process is Fonvirtual. It offers the call center solution, which ensures that call management is carried out online, providing the best service, unlike other competitors that work backward.


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