The current society where we live is becoming more demanding. The people expect to receive excellent treatment from any company, so the employees should be more than prepared to meet the clients’ needs. That is what we call telephone etiquette, in other words, respond to the clients through the phone offering a high-quality customer service by taking care of what to say (verbal communication) and how to say it (non-verbal communication). IP calls will help you resolve this matter.

We all know the importance of savoir-faire in any place, but when we are talking about the work matters, it is an aspect we should care profoundly. The professional manners include phone calls made during the business activity of any company. A simple call could destroy your business in a few seconds.

When clients contact the company via phone, the treatment they received from the agent is the first impression they get, even before managing the inquiry. The person who makes the call cannot see the facial expressions or body language of the person on the other side of the line, the aspects that create trust and security, so the only way to keep or produce that trust it through the voice.  

The first contact of the customer with the company could finish in two situations. The first one is the one every entrepreneur is looking for: the beginning of the precious relation which will benefit the enterprise in every respect. The second one is the one you should avoid by all means: the end of a possible loyal buyer who will never come back to your company, or even finish at the opposite side, it means, at your competitors.


Make the right impression with the IP calls

IP calls

Not answering the first call of the clients, being incapable of answering a question, being rude or seem to be tired, delaying too much in answering the phone, and so on. All of those situations are day to day in many companies, even if they do not realize it. You might think we exaggerate, but it is not true, to lose an opportunity of having a client in a current digital society could lead to business failure.

We give you a few tips on how to cause a good impression at the moment of handling your clients via the phone.

  • Present yourself and your company. It is a really easy point, but it is the key to achieve that your clients feel confident and closer to the company. Similarly, you can also ask his or her name, so you can address him or her during the conversation.
  • Stay positive and speak with confidence. It is necessary to understand that even that you perfectly know what you are talking about your client might not have it that clear. For that reason, you should speak in a clear way, giving the brief information and speaking slowly. Try to have good knowledge of your company to be able to answer any question your clients ask.
  • The client is always right. If you have furious clients, you should never face them since it will lead you to lose the client. You should try to explain everything calmly, make them see that you will do your best to solve the problem and apologize all the time.
  • Pleasant waiting queue. In the case, you have to interrupt the conversation, make sure you inform the client politely why you are not available for a few minutes, and chose professional music on hold. An automatized message or promotions will help you to strengthen your brand.
  • Call back the client professionally. When you call back, make sure of doing that within the time agreed with the client. If he or she does not answer and you need to leave a message, do not forget to provide your contact details (your name, company’s name, and the phone number they could use).
  • Rely on information and communication technology (ICT). The IP calls will help your agents to serve the clients from any place. The new VoIP technology is an open-source software developed by Google called WebRTC; only with the solid Internet connection, you will be able to contact the users from any place, using any device you want. That way you will never again miss a phone call.

As we have seen, improving the trajectory made from the moment the agents answer the phone to the moment they hang on, has vital importance for keeping the loyal clients.  It demonstrates to them that they are important to the company by making them feel that they can be glad and satisfy by being the part of the company. Fonvirtual makes you available a great number of services such as IP calls that will help your business to keep up with your clients.

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