The traditional phone calls are falling further and further behind. They are guided by a system called circuit switching, what currently is being considered as an inefficient system, thus the companies are beginning to renounce of them. But, what would happen if it disappears? No need to worry. The famous WebRTC telephony and their digital services, which performance is based on calls via the Internet, are what is going to replace the telephone lines in the near future.

What implies the change from conventional to WebRTC telephony

In order to make it clear, we’ll introduce you first to the WebRTC telephony. WebRTC is the updated VoIP telephony, which is about a method that was born of new technologies and what is considered as a new variety of traditional telephony, that is to say, of phone calls that have been made for more than 100 years. Basically consists of making and receiving calls via the Internet, since the voice signal is sent via the Internet as data packs.

The change from the telephone line to WebRTC telephony represents great progress for any business, and for sure will affect the way of performing the entrepreneurial activity. However, this change of system will be implanted not only in companies but also in houses, although at a slowlier pace. It will be undertaken to try by all means to achieve that every family could have an Internet connection that works fast enough to make a voice transmission possible, although to make it happen, every house should count with fiber network. This change, both entrepreneurial and individual, implies a transfer from an analogic period to a fiber optic-based digital future.

Factual, in some countries, the future where the telephone lines are going to be replaced by WebRTC telephony, is nearer than we thought. In the United Kingdom, for example, the company BT Openreach has already announced that their plan of replacement will be performed in 2025. In addition, many communication companies in Japan, Germany or Sweden, among others, are going to take this great step.

The principal advantage of this method is the reduced cost with regard to conventional telephone lines. This reduction is due to the fact that the calls are made via the Internet. It’s particularly useful for companies that count with a huge amount of daily calls.

There are a lot of devices that allow you to make calls since it’s only needed the Internet connection to make it work, so you can make use of your corporate landline wherever you are.

You can use your usual phone number since it will be carried and converted in a IP line, or you can dispose of a new one, if you wish so.

The WebRTC telephony allows to configure the services of virtual PBX, what grants to make and receive calls from different devices thanks to extensions, showing the main PBX number, that contribute to a real professional image of your company.

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