In the first place, what is a telephone number in the cloud? They are numbers located in the Cloud so no cable connection is needed. They work just like regular geographic landline numbers and they divert the incoming calls to landline or mobile phones through IP. They are also intelligent numbers, which means that they not only divert calls but they can also be customized with different features and this way give you many advantages. Moreover, they will hugely impact your call customer service and add value to it. Virtual numbers are also a great tool to measure the efficiency and the impact of the online advertising activities of your business.

Provide your virtual number on your website and customer service. This is possible thanks to customizing the virtual number with special features like personalized welcoming messages informing about business hours and holidays, voicemails etc. Moreover, you will also have access to a control panel with access to call statistics and the possibility of downloading call recordings.  


telephone number in the cloud


With the help of a virtual number, you can also measure the efficiency of your online advertising activities. For example, provide a virtual number on your website, a different virtual number in your AdWord campaign and a third virtual number in your mailing campaign. Moreover, you can customize each and every virtual business phone number with the features of your choice.

What are the advantages of having a telephone number in the cloud?

  • Have a bigger impact on your clients: Providing virtual numbers in your campaigns will help you achieve a bigger impact. It is essential to offer contact numbers in your online advertising campaigns in order to provide quality customer service. Thanks to all the switchboard feature your business will also project a professional image. You can also choose the number from different locations, no matter where your offices are. For example, if you are a Canadian company, but you want to operate in the Czech Republic, you do not have to move to Europe, with a virtual phone number Czech Republic you can make and receive calls from your home country, that way you will give to your Czech customers a local image. 
  • Immediate response: All the means of communication with your customers or users are efficient. However, it is recommendable to provide a possibility to communicate directly, for example, virtual numbers or the Click to Call service. It will also let you manage call queues while talking to other customers without risking them going to the competitor.
  • Economic advantage: Incorporating virtual numbers into your campaigns is not only efficient but also economic. Moreover as we’ve already mentioned, you can customize all your campaigns with the same features, which will keep the invoices low.
  • Reports: You will get access to different types of reports. It will help you keep count of the number of clients entering through each campaign, received or missed call, average duration of your calls etc. Moreover, you will be able to download your call recordings so that you can analyze them and improve your call customers care.

As you can see, adding a telephone number in the cloud to your online advertising campaigns is one of the best ways not only to provide high-quality customer care but also to measure the efficiency of your online advertising campaigns. You will also be able to add an international phone number, such as virtual phone number Cyprus, to any campaign aimed at clients in foreign markets.

Go to and find out more about our amazing plans and all the available features which can be added to your telephone number in the cloud. Don’t lose the opportunity to increase your online effectiveness.


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