There is a clear evidence that the enterprises which offer a good service to their clients have gained most of them, regardless of the product or service they offer. However, by a ‘good customer service’ one can understand many different things. What you can not forget is having your call management under control and well organized with a telephone switchboard.

Not losing any opportunity involves to give a thought about how your company makes and receives phone calls. In most of the sectors this is one of the strongest factors to achieve a good public image.

The telephone switchboard, also known as PBX, is the main character of this article. It is based on interconnecting the lines of any operator with the extensions the enterprise owns. At the same time, it connects those extensions with each other. Definitely, it is a good way to demonstrate how good is your company at attending your clients. It allows to manage the calls in the best way possible, and to attend any person who is interested in calling for the service.

This is why you should not hire a PBX service carelessly; you always should study what his or her company really needs and look for the one which is able to satisfy that need.


Choose the telephone switchboard that fits better to your company


In that case, by “taking care of your customer support” we appeal to the support in general. it is said, that every single employee should be able to communicate with the clients, offering a high-quality call service.

There are different options to choose: traditional, IP or virtual PBX.

  • In the period we live, it’s almost ‘prohibited’ to keep using the traditional switchboard. It becomes completely obsolete due to its outdated copper cabling, high maintenance costs and poor advantages that it brings comparing, for example, with virtual PBX.
  • The second option is an IP PBX. It works via Internet, so it offers the possibility of answering the phone from any place due to the use of data network to communicate by voice. However, it can bring some problems. For example, the quality of the calls is not always entirely good. And, since we are looking for the best customer service, it is not the optimal option.
  • Finally we have the virtual PBX, that combines the fixed and mobile telephony with the IP one. It allows to forward the calls to any type of line without requires cables or additional devices. As we have already seen, the great advantage of IP telephony is the possibility of using it over any device with Internet connection wherever you are (in case you need to work outside your office), and to group all of the extensions in a virtual PBX.

 telephone swithcboard

Why to choose the virtual PBX as your telephone switchboard?

If it is still not clear to you that the best option of all is the virtual PBX, let us give you some more tips.

It works really simple. This type of PBX is not physical, it is located in the cloud. It means that the extensions work via Internet. Any phone call, incoming or outgoing, passes first through the PBX that is responsible of managing them with a previous set-up to the enterprise’s preferences.

It is possible to answer the phone from any device due to the IP telephony, so you can work from wherever you want, not only from your office. You should keep in your mind that not every company that offers virtual PBX allows to integrate mobiles in the service. So you should inform yourself well because working with the mobile phone could become really useful.

The costs reduction with the virtual PBX is surprising, but you should stay aware of every detail of different PBX offers. The high costs of call reception and the limits in call forwarding could prevent you from highly enjoying all of the advantages the virtual PBX brings you.

Squeeze every single feature that virtual PBX can offer, such as custom main greetings, schedules, call queuing, call transfer, voicemails and many others.

Fonvirtual offers you the best telephone swithcboard service so you can attend your clients with the highest quality. For any doubt or consultations, don’t hesitate to contact us.     

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